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Compliance, but to whom?

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Compliance, but to whom?

2020. január 22. - 17:57


There is a nasty word that has come into vogue: compliance. Others tell us to what we have to comply to. They also prescribe the order of compliance for things and processes. Then the order fails and comes another what we must comply to again. When can we comply to our own order? Why should we fit to the compliance of others throughout our lives? But once we fit in, why don't we comply to something that harmonizes with us and is eternal?

@Mihálffy Balázs

Mathematics, geodesy, and abstract sciences have discovered long ago that without a stable external point it is not possible to determine distance or location. A solid mountain, elevation point should be chosen and the location of the plot or estate on the map can be determined in comparison to them. Or people can find their location if they rely on the sun by day, and stars by night. So, we are talking about objects what are free of human errors, right? In contrast, the basement of comparison what compliance is relied on is always a rule that is full with human errors. If I do comply to it even for short term, besides my own mistakes, I absorb the mistakes inherent with the rules.

Let me recall the fall of Baghdad (1258). By this time, Muslims were divided by their desire for power. They have enjoyed their life filled with pleasures in countless caliphates. The caliphs were no longer powerful rulers keeping the state and faith together, but became gentle-minded poets who should have been entrusted with arts rather than leading the Ummah. But even Umma didn't exist anymore. Nationalism broke into pieces what Islam had previously merged together. Conflicts entered into peoples, tribes, and families at the level of national independence. Of course, all of them wanted a separate caliphate. In Baghdad, the caliph was Musta’sim that time. He ignored the arrival of Genghis Khan. Yet Genghis Khan came by force. His slogan was: one sun, one khan! He was the stable point for Mongols to rely on. He was the compliance for Mongols! And due to the stability of the leader they could adjust themselves to him.

When Mongols reached the border of Baghdad, Musta'sim was enjoying the dance of a belly dancer. A Mongol tensed his bow and fired at window of the palace. The arrow crossed the curtain and killed the belly dancer. The reaction of Musta'sim was just that another belly dancer had to be brought! Such an Ummah was annihilated by the Mongols! Because this Ummah deserved to be annihilated! And now I'm only talking exclusively about the moral aspects of the time, not the scientific achievements. The punishment of Muslims comes in this world:

Abu Musa reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “This nation of mine has been granted mercy. Their punishment is not in the Hereafter. Their punishment is in the world, in the form of persecution, earthquakes, and slaughter.” Source: Sunan Abī Dāwūd 4278

Then the Mongols turned against Mecca and Medina with the intention of destroying the Home of Islam. If Muslim Unity was not reborn, then this plan would have come true. The Mamluk Sultan, Muzaffar Kutuz, together with the Ayyubid emirs, defeated the Mongol army at Ain Jalut in 1260. What do I mean with this symbolism in these days?

We have become lazy and our leaders corrupt the Islam. The generation of scholars whom we were proud of, had become victims to ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other Islamic criminals. Those Shiite and Sunni scholars who taught tolerance were hanged on the trees of the streets of Mosul. Remained the waste. And there are those whose support the waste because they want to propagate waste under title of Islam in order to keep people under pressure of fear and terror. That is how to sell the fear while the waste-Muslims enter the game voluntarily! Meanwhile, bloodshed is going on in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. In China alone there are two million Uighurs in concentration and transformation camps.

What if one hundred thousand people in Europe were sent to concentration camps? Would Europe let this happen? Behold, you can see the fulfillment of the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him): The Minor Signs. Fitna, which spreads through the world and we have not missed it, we are in the forefront. Earthquakes. Have you observed how many natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis have struck Muslim countries in the last 20 years? And bloodshed. It is not over yet. It is going on.

In the context of these facts I ask, what do we have to comply to? What kind of compliance is there to keep in mind? Everyone knows the answer.

Thanks to God, the code that is created inside us and that works within us lives on in people's heart. Relying on that the truth of God can be revived.



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