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That ye may will...

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That ye may will...

2020. február 24. - 14:08


Allah knows what man is. 

@Mihálffy Balázs

Man has free will, and Allah doesn't interfere it, but He wisely says: that ye may have the chance to learn righteousness, that ye maybe will grateful, perchance ye may fear Allah, and ye may (consent to) be guided, that ye may restrain yourselves, if ye only knew, that ye may prosper, in order that ye may consider, thus may ye show your gratitude, that ye may obtain mercy etc. This much "that ye may will" signifies that you, or at least some people, are not thinking, not giving thanks, not understanding because their free will overrides the good advice and the Guidance. That is how we run into our own fate. Here you are only some examples from the Quran about “that ye may will”:

2:21, 2:52, 2:53, 2:56, 2:63. 2:73, 2:150, 2:179, 2:183, 2:185, 2:189, 2:219, 2:266, 3:103, 3:123, 3:130, 3:132, 3:200, 5:6.

Before you were born, you were simple substance. Because the materials of your body, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, iron, manganese, phosphorus, calcium and thousands of others, have been in the universe since its inception. These materials have been given a living form with your birth that has a soul. This short period of time is given that through your free will you may follow the system in which your substances were present in the universe as atoms than assembled into molecules that have been organized into inorganic bodies or planets moving on their own orbits, or have been created as living organs and in their ecosystems each one needs the other. Everything follows a huge universal law. This is called Islam. It is not a religion, but the regulation how to integrate into the Universal Order, to which human societies have got instructions in various ages and places! These Guidance don't differ in nature from those that are followed by planets in their own orbits. If this system is not followed, they will be destroyed. Thought his/her own free will man can choose between following and rejecting, so that one can prosper or be destroyed by one's free will. The point is not about to follow Mohammed (peace be upon him) literally! Teachings of Mohammed (peace be upon him) is much more than just memorizing his sayings, wearing a beard like him or saying constantly subhanallah, inshaallah, astaghfurillah or allahu akbar without any inner meaning. And in this respect, the teachings of Mohammed (peace upon him) don't differ from the teachings of the previous prophets, who indeed brought the same Islam (according to the revelations of the Quran) to their people with another jurisprudence (sharia) to be followed! Of course, we humans gave for the different divine legitimacies different names and based on these names we've been grabbing each other's throats for thousands of years and by not following the system we destroy the world. However finally the world destroys us!

Then two things happen after our death. Our materials return to the billion-year cycle and the soul what we have borrowed and has no material origin will be judged. Here comes the many "that ye may will" into account! Have you followed the advice? Were you following the path, comprehended well, thanked, gave gratitude etc.?

After all these should the Quran and traditions of Mohammed (peace be upon him) be interpreted. Don't get stuck in words and find out why another person is not expressing something with the same word or phrase what Mohammed used to address his people in the middle of the desert 1400 years ago, but understand the essence of his teachings and harmonize their essence to your age. Because if you don't do it and get stuck in words, based on literally tracking every doctrine will destroy itself. Or if one day a few Eskimos convert Islam and the fast of Ramadan comes, the sun doesn't go down for half a year, is it lawful to starve to death? Or if Mohamed (peace be upon him) was riding on a camel, why are you sitting in Mercedes? Please do not misunderstand me! It's not about changing the text! Nay! That is how texts should be preserved until the end of time! This is part of our mission. I seek to interpret the texts and to adapt the essences contained therein to the age and place, in order to find fertile ground in the consciousness of a larger human community. The point is not to force people back to a certain age, but always the meaning of the teachings should be adjusted to a particular age. But to do this, it is essential to make you aware that the person facing you may be is an enemy to be hated according to a human doctrine, but is a companion to be loved according to the divine doctrine.



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