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We made ourselves junk

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We made ourselves junk

2020. március 30. - 19:32


Mankind has distorted its own genetics, its immune system, its thinking, its social and personal relationships, its attitude of domination, its sense of justice and the related laws, and at the end is surprised if is threatened by unexpected calamities. Your killer is not an external factor, but yourself. Just blame yourself. Give up the principle of apocalypse and other doctrines. This is your own apocalypse.

Those who are engaged in animal breeding or plant production and are aware of the principles used there, know that breeding and selection is done for a certain purpose. And there is no mercy. Any individual that does not accomplish the particular purpose is slaughtered or destroyed so it does not transfer its genes and genetic codes. This is how we got our dairy cows with huge udders, our cattle of ton weight, our high-yielding apple trees with short stem and our grain that can feed masses. With breeding, it is true that we get close to the goal, but we lose a lot of other qualities. Thus, these bred animals and plants, would no longer survive in the wild, would not reproduce, would not be able to get food and resist diseases.

Whether it hurts or not, it must be stated that this is what happens to man, too. However, the situation is exponentially worse. In fact, we unwittingly breed ourselves to the direction that is vain. Not the good multiplies, but the bad. The one can reproduce himself who accumulated his ill-gotten wealth, has an evil nature, his life is all about dominance, exploiting others, expanding his ego. Obviously, this attitude is passed on and these qualities are strengthened further in the next generation. Either on the female side, not the compassionate, loving, family-oriented mother is the selection base, but the long-nailed, faux-eyelashed, silicone-breasted but stupid bitch who fucks well. If she was not like that, she wouldn't get a man, a payment, and wouldn't survive.

In our diet, we've got far from healthy. We consume mass foodstuff, which are produced by industrial methods. We eat meat that comes from the poison mines of our animal husbandry. Poison mine, because the antibiotic consumption of our animals is much more than of humans. However, our animals get it in order to gain weight, not for disease. Due to antibiotics appetite is increasing, the fodder utilization is better and the animal reaches slaughter weight in less time, so the production it is "economical". Economical means that results more profit, but no matter what happens with humans. I don't even mention hormones. Not only animal-husbandry, but also crop production uses chemicals that affect the human body. We didn't even realize what is going to happen. The coronavirus is naught comparing to that! Through food, we get big dose of antibiotics and other toxic substances. As a result, our bodies can hardly fight even the simplest diseases, because our immune system has been damaged. We should not be angry to a virus, but to ourselves! In the meantime, bacteria and pathogens are changing, as they want to live, too. Those are attacking in ever stronger forms, and the answer is: increasing medication. The immune system is gradually switched off! We get to the point where we can die in a simple dental treatment.

So far, I have only mentioned biological aspects, but our individual and community thinking has been distorted as well. We legitimize the rule of those who rob us. We have an image about the truth that is false and we create on that base unenforceable laws. We are subordinated to those laws and do not understand why this world is not comfortable for us. We have become a human-bred that is no more than a biological failure. Behold, this is where your rebellion, built upon your own free will, your self-conceived liberty and your rights, has led you. We built societies on a virtually distorted instinct that was successful and “profitable” only for some people, but not for many. And as a biological being, we have become utterly unfit. After all of that, why do we wonder if something goes wrong?

God (SWT) has defined exactly what to eat. That's the Halal-Haram system. Or kosher for Jews. Yeah? Is enough for our bearded beasts the slaughtering, letting the animal completely bleeding, and saying Bismillah? In the age when this system became a requirement, blood was the only toxin. I can't help that our bearded beasts left their brains at that age. Because, food containing antibiotics, hormones, poisons including genetic contamination is HARAM! Allah imposes great punishment on the Halalstampers!

Alcohol? Drink! Drink as much as you can! Sell and make profit out of it! But if you drink, don't complain if your health is ruined, your family will fall apart. Don't be surprised if appears in your shops and bars events bound to intoxication that are destroying your community.

Communication? It is a science by which people are convinced about what is not true. This is how the system is built. If you do not make yourself aware that you live on a bunch of lies, you feed on it, and form your own individual truth based on that, then you are rushing to your own destruction. It is completely incomprehensible to me that you believe nonsenses that even a small child can hardly accept.

I never understood why the money deposited in a bank starts to multiply without investing any work? Then, why doesn’t the world just consist of banks where we put our money in and we don't have to work?

How can the time be sold us, that we call interest, and buy it in the most natural way for thousands of years! How the fear might be sold us and we buy it and pay for our protection while we are participants of a worldwide drama. How could a simple piece of paper be seen as a value while it is covered by speculation instead of work. And how is it possible that the death of innocent millions may not be seen, but the death of Jesus (peace be upon him) on the cross is seen? Meanwhile, he was the one who taught us to pay attention to the starvation, disease, humiliation and death of innocent millions! And how is it possible that our Scriptures of thousands of years are warning us to all these scams, but we're not paying attention to them either. Rather, we are following the footsteps of our guilty priests and sheikhs, who have long ago sold themselves to the designers of the scam.

You quote the Quran and the hadith! In this form, it is nothing more than empty words, and if printed, are pieces of blank papers without covering value, like the bank-notes today. These should be embraced not because God (SWT) or Mohammed (peace be upon him) said them, but because those are encoded inside us! This is the confirmation! But if you just quote it, deceive one another, run after prostitutes, and your money and your ego make you blind, this piece of paper will worth no more than the rest of papers.

And spend of your substance in the cause of Allah, and make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction; but do good; for Allah loveth those who do good. (Quran 2:195)



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