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Finally you will find out where do you belong to. Nowhere! You are alone with Allah!

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Finally you will find out where do you belong to. Nowhere! You are alone with Allah!

2020. január 25. - 12:44


I was born and grew up in a region where the Swabians and the Gypsies lived alongside with the Hungarians. We sat on the benches side by side at school and we never knew who the other was. It was simply not an issue what had any importance. We didn't even know who followed which religion. We were glad to have a hole in our ass and we had no intention to deal with religion.

@Mihálffy Balázs

Freedom came and people were suddenly were filled with a sense of identity. One little quiet boy became a liberal wiseacre Jew, some of the Christians became scout leaders or conservative phrase manufacturers in the media and the Swabians were fluttering to the left and right depending on the better payment here or there. The atheists, remained who they were just from the loud side went to the quiet side. They realized that they had gone out of fashion in the Christian era. Their voice came back later when the Christian era had transformed into a gospel-alien, migrant segregating something that was profitable.

Another world has opened for me. It was the Islam. It was not the people who led me to Islam, but the Quran which I translated for many years. It wasn't the people explaining how should I understand the words but I had to research and find out for myself. It was a wonderful discovery that changed my life. What a great system! Law and faith! It works both on individual and social level. Fantastic verses and logics! It unites those who believe in it! At least I thought so. I converted Islam in 1983. It happened after my first translation of the Quran! So not before or during translation, but after it when I saw how the system of belief is being set up!

And from 1983 something has changed in me. I worked and lived in Muslim societies and saw that reality is different than the teachings of the Book. Not a bit but a lot! Then the period of disappointment came gradually. I thought I became member in a mass of one and a half billion, but the first question came after adopting Islam immediately. What are you? Shiite or Sunni? Phuuuu, in Quran there was no question like that! Why, I asked back? Mohammed (peace be upon him) was what? Shiite or Sunni? The answer is always murmuring for that. Then, if after a while I answer that I'm a Sunni, what kind of Sunni, they ask? Shaf’ai, Maliki, Hanbali or Hanafi? Pfuuuu, I have no idea, I said then I started to learn these issues. But if you answer that, my friend, they will go on and take you to the smaller groups. Finally, time comes when you're already under control how to trim your mustache, how to look around the street and what to say after you sneeze. At the end, instead of being the member of one and a half billion Ummah you can be member of a group of 15-20 people where you will be treated as second-class believer just after you join. So, you can't be a member! They only promise that! Nowhere they need you to be a king!

We've taken such a lesson once in the past. Then the slogan was: "proletarians of the world unite". It all started with five Russians in a room figuring out that they were the majority (Bolshevik) and the millions outside the walls were the minority (Menshevik). Then the five persons expected that the millions should unite as they prescribe. Later, other nations copied the method and the revolution was exported to different places. The five persons later developed into groups in national level and these minorities looted the majorities. As it happened then, happens now either. I have always missed the good that was promised to the one who joins to the majority and I became a loser minority all along. So, I don't want to suck the same thing in Muslim version, boys.

No matter where do you go, either you stay in the EU, where you are a second-class citizen among snobbish beasts, or you imitate something what is all but not Islam in groups of objects that look like Muslims, the result is the same. No matter you are here or there you will not find one thing: faith. You can find it only with God. He does not require you to trim your mustache to a particular form or determine the length of your pants. If you die and He allows you to enter heaven, He will not ask you whether which soccer team were you supporting? Liverpool or real Madrid? He doesn't ask which political party you were a member of, He doesn't care about your gender, your skin color, your ethnicity, just one: what did you do? Because, what will come out of you when you die is a soul that has no identity!

And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colours: verily in that are Signs for those who know. (Quran 30:22)

The variations in languages and colors may be viewed from the geographical aspect or from the aspect of periods of time. All mankind were created of a single pair of parents; yet they have spread to different countries and climates and developed different languages and different shades of complexions. And yet their basic unity remains unaltered. They feel in the same way, and are all equally under Allah's care.

The reason I converted Islam was because there is no order of identity prescribed in Quran that separates people! However, Muslims managed to introduce that sort of identity in practice.

My article does not impeach the fact that there are communities where everyone feels home. I'm not writing about them this time. I just wanted to draw attention to a phenomenon that exists in us what should be improved and the world could be a better place.

Allah bless everyone and ask Him to lead us to the right path. Not to the one what separates us, but to the one what connects us together. Amen.



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