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Leave that which does not concern you

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Leave that which does not concern you

2020. november 18. - 18:05


Human life is flying away quickly. There are many who want to acquire a part of your life for themselves. There are those who rightly do that, such as your family, but there are also those who see business, benefits in you. If you have an interest too, why not?

Your family, work, soul, experiences, refreshment, this world and your afterlife give the meaning to your life. But it's not that simple. Lots of energy goes to something else.

There are energy, attention, and time vampires that you are not able to deal with, or at least that you can slightly influence them. And there are occasions when you are the vampire of yourself or of someone else. Advertisements, commercials, buy this, eat that, go here for vacation, put your money in that bank, etc. No matter how much you isolate yourself, these are present subconsciously.
In regards the practical application, we live in a world of 24 hours news cycles, feeds, notices, and constant messaging etc. The answer is relatively simple: unplug! In a 24-hour news cycle, the smallest and most insignificant news item gets dissected and regurgitated over and over again. Not only is it a waste of one’s life and energy, but by constantly feeding oneself with news items and images, we are dissociating ourselves from the real world, and exposing ourselves (and our families) to various external influences that one may not be aware of.

However, there are also those who beside their own lives, they also deal with others. They interfere into their privacy, business, and show off. Whether they do it on purpose or not, in Islam this act should be avoided. They are vampires of themselves and others.

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:
"Part of the perfection of one's Islam is his leaving that which does not concern him."

Life is a series of contracts the ego makes with itself; reality is the shadow these contracts put upon our souls. Just as a businessman makes a contract with other businessmen, so too does your ego make contracts. These contracts begin when you are a child, and you unknowingly enter into them with your parents, friends, teachers, later with your employers, and the mass media. These contracts will make you poor, sad, and unhealthy if they are kept literally. Our ego tells us how much time and effort to spend in getting others to approve of us. Everyone goes through a domestication period-a time where others tell us what we should eat, act like, want, and not want. This domestication period ends when we decide that it has ended. This period is also good for us to learn from it. A lesson in not doing the same with them and not interfering in their lives.

People have to be encouraged to use their time in a manner that brings about their benefit in this life and in the Hereafter. Humans should always be concerned with what is beneficial and constructive, and should avoid what does not bring about benefit and what does not preserve the honor. It also encourages men to strive hard to discipline their behavior. It ordains avoiding interfering with other people's affairs, for unwarranted interference with other people's business causes divisions and hatred among people.
We often use the example of the horse and rider in Islam, where the horse is the ego and the rider are the soul. If the soul is a good rider of the ego, then the ego is in the service of the soul. Otherwise, the horse takes control over its rider and takes him/her where the horse wants. The ego tends to interfere into the business of others and graze in other's territories. It is up to the soul to mark the boundaries for the ego, how far it can go to graze and from where the pasture belongs to another person.




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