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National pride or simple humanity?

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National pride or simple humanity?

2020. április 05. - 18:27


Anyone who lives on the street learns to approach people differently than others. When you are down, you know exactly what down means and nobody wants to get there to be with you. Either pity or contempt is surrounding you. But sometimes there is some horror what is mixed with the contempt. If God helps you and you can be an average again, you will never forget who people are. There were always exceptions and there are even now. If they weren't, I wouldn't be here now.

The streets, mines, wars teach you to transform yourself from human to animal in an instant. It's a defense reflex. That's how you survive. But going backwards is much harder. According to Darwin, it takes millions of years to turn an animal back into a human being. And that time is not available. Still weird, but the question has to be asked. If we are producing misery on industrial scale, then how can we transform so many animals to be humans again? Does this question not arise in anyone? Yes, I said animal. Because that's the right expression. That is how those eyes looked at me in Africa and here. I do not forget. And if you live in this situation for a while, you will give up and accept yourself like that.

However, I can say one thing in general. Wherever I lived in a bad situation: misery has no nationality. Few people are proud of the national tricolor in this situation. There are, but few. In addition to the violence that further erodes the misery from within, there is also a strength what forge people together. It is not based on trust because there is no such thing, but rather interdependence. If I can see well it works at home, too. The Program of National Unity comes true! As you pass through the countryside, you can see that integration of Gypsies "upwards" is failed, but integration of Hungarians "downwards" is successful! This is the National Program for Integration Downwards! NPID! Poverty sweeps away the contradictions. Interdependence is stronger than tricolor. I know, now the commenters of national pride are coming out that this is not true at all! Aunt Mary still holds her position strongly! The Gypsies stole her hen! But she resisted and led electricity to the fence! Because those fucking Gypsies! They are not suitable for coexistence! But on the other hand, the national-hearted Aunt Mary with her indigenous bald-necked hen!

Pretentious people can always bite their concurrency on every side, but reality is not that. We have a case called the Quaestor scandal where under the leadership of Csaba Tarsoly fictitious bonds of HUF 150 billion was put on the market. That is how mass of people were deceived. Thomas Borgen, director of Danska Banka, is accused of laundering € 200 billion between 2007 and 2015. Shall I continue? If every Gypsy in Hungary steals a hen every day, the result will not reach 1% of the damage caused by the "white-collar" gentlemen! I am not exempting anyone from the responsibility of theft! Those who harm others should be punished. Don't see the world in black and white! And if we declare that there is a Gypsy crime, let us also declare that there is Hungarian crime and do not compare the number of cases, but the value of damages. You'll be surprised! And if we speak of Gypsy violence, yes! There is Gypsy violence! But does it not constitute Hungarian violence to offer you foreign currency loans what make you indebted, then evict you, and let you die on the street? And how many of these scams we are all victims of! Is it not violence?

From the street level, hen theft is not visible. However, it is clear that there is no more space in the warm-up locations, there is a competition for the underpass resting places, so the number of homeless is increasing and the reason is not that the hen has been stolen! Social network? Don't make me laugh! After all, even the Church is not a charity, as it is said by its number one leader! Statistics? Numbers? These are produced by humans, not the reality.

With the above, I do not wish to make the Gypsies feel sympathetic towards the Hungarians and the Hungarians towards the Gypsies. It makes no sense. The first pub and 50ml spirit what people drink together can do more than a one-hour-speech in a mosque or temple. Sermons have no credibility because they are often heard from untrustworthy persons. The other is that most people who go to such places are hypocrites. They go there to pray just for others to see. Then the equation comes like this: untrustworthiness plus hypocrisy equals bullshit. The pub at least "seduces together" the parties by intoxicating them. We are not capable of doing this either in our holy places.

I write. Writing has a miracle. Not everyone reads what I write, only the one who is interested in. My thought goes through and shapes the reader. But that's not the miracle. The miracle is when I get up at dawn and write regularly in perfect silence, following an inspiration with conscience. Then God moves into the articles. As if I didn't was the one who wrote them. Finally, my own writings shape me first and I publish them that way! Nooooooooo! Don't accuse me of committing prophecy and apostate! That's not it! It is something different! This is an inspiration that comes to all people when one turns to God. Anyone can get it who creates something. This is the miracle. It confirms every day that there is a chance for transformation! I can be human again from an animal! Because I have reached only this stage of evolution. Maybe I shouldn't go any further!

It is not fitting for a man that Allah should speak to him except by inspiration, or from behind a veil, or by the sending of a messenger to reveal, with Allah's permission, what Allah wills: for He is Most High, Most Wise. (Quran 42:51)

How can man be fit to speak to Allah? He is not fit. But there are three ways in which Allah, in His infinite Mercy, communicates with man. Three ways are mentioned:
- Wahyun, Inspiration;
- from behind a veil; and
- by the sending of a Messenger.

See the notes following, Wahyun. Inspiration, is interpreted to be of two kinds:

1. a suggestion thrown by Allah into the heart or mind of man, by which man understands the substance of the Message, whether it is a command or prohibition, or an explanation of a great truth; and
2. verbal or literal inspiration, by which the actual words of Allah are conveyed in human language. Behind a veil: not of course a material veil, but the veil of Light.

Messenger: Rasul: the angel Gabriel, through whom the revelations were given to the Holy Prophet. These spiritual visions, conveying the message of Revelation, are the basis of the Quran

Once we've gone beyond the Program of National Unity, we might come across another program that is not embodied by statistic numbers and doesn't generate pride on account of an achievement that we haven't even produced. Let's call it IIP, the International Inspiration Program. It works even without statistics.



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