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Research vs. mantra

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Research vs. mantra

2020. január 18. - 12:31


Faith is very complicated. There are those who believe in the immortal spirit what was there before we were born and will be there forever even after our death. It is in a permanent circulation towards perfection and will reach the top when it will be enlightened.

@Mihálffy Balázs

According to another view our materials were always here since the beginning of Creation. However, spirit started to exist when God blew it into us when our body was in an initial phase. After our body dies spirit exists further and waits for the Last Judgement. Then God will decide where our final abode is.

These were two faith-categories from the many other beliefs. For an atheist the case is simpler. There is one earthly life and humans have to get along in it. Nothing was before and nothing will come after.

These were the principles. What is the reality? The reality is that believer and atheist change their places and roles. Atheist discovers the infinity. He invests efforts in researches, experiments and perceive the boundless dimensions of the world. He finds out how planets and the whole universe form functioning systems and every system follow regulations. They prepare calculations, set up equations and follow the systems. They do the same when they study the origin of life, solve DNA codes and search the atomic-world as well. And they discover everywhere a well programmed system. So, they discover Islam! This is the truth! The system what universe follows is called Islam. However, they never add any Creator to the system. No matter they add anything or don’t, they follow a sort of (mathematical, empiric etc.) system. They care about the earth, fight against global climatic changes and protect our environment. They know how systems work and they can foresee consequences from their calculations.

What a believer does? He shits on everything. He doesn’t comprehend the infinity and he even doesn’t try to search and understand it (this was quite different in the past!). There are creatures with wings, devils with hoofs and jinns in front of his eyes and says Subhanallah (be Allah glorified) or Auzubillah (I seek refuge in Allah) if he is not aware the issues surrounding him. For him this is a welldone job and doesn’t ponder over the creature. He makes up an image on God in his mind and this is the worse what he can do! How can he put inside a very limited brain Him Who is infinite? An atheist has more realistic concept on infinity what is closer to God than the one what some believer has. However, the real bounds are there in the brains! An atheist is able to pass these bounds while only a few believers can do the same!

An atheist works with equations what describe the operation of the universe however a believer has only mantras. By the way these mantras prescribe for him to be eager to discover the world in order to find his place in the creation smoothly! But he has no idea what the texts mean. He waves his hands as his response to the global changes and environment crisis. He lives in the most polluted countries of the world and conduct the most polluted manner of life. Don’t worry, Allah wants like that!

Behold! in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day,- there are indeed Signs for men of understanding, (Quran 3:190)

It is time to pull the brains out of the narrow traps of stereotypes and we have to learn from each other. Our present behavior takes us back to the past and leaves us far from the future.


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