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The communications doesn't mean comprehension

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The communications doesn't mean comprehension

2020. augusztus 10. - 19:13


((Allah)) Most Gracious!

It is He Who has taught the Qur'an.

The Revelation comes from Allah Most Gracious, and it is one of the greatest Signs of His grace and favor. He is the source of all Light, and His light is diffused throughout the universe.

He has created man:

He has taught him speech (and intelligence).

Bayan: intelligent speech: power of expression: capacity to understand clearly the relations of things and to explain them. Allah has given this to man, and besides this revelation in man's own heart, has aided him with revelation in nature and revelation through prophets and messengers.

Pay attention to the sequence of the words. The world order existed before humans and even today exists. This is the Quran, the Word of God. The Creator has taught it for every of His creatures and the whole world follows this order. Then He created man and taught him the communication. The man was the last who came. He arrived after the world order started to operate. The man can communicate but his mind cannot reach everything. Therefore, the world order will remain even after man will pass away. Because man can only communicate, misinterpret but can’t understand…Especially if he has no diligence to understand.

So, we know how to communicate, it is a gift from God, but we don't always comprehend the outside world because we should develop that skill within ourselves. Thus, many times we issue a statement about what we don’t even understand, or the reality is completely different than the image we create within ourselves. We can experience that many people can talk a lot about the little what they have in their head, but at the same time the sage, whose head is full of thoughts, barely speaks, and if he/she says a few words, those are about the point and concise. The one who speaks much, the point is lost in his/her sentences and who speaks little, we pay attention even involuntarily. The wise knows how little he/she knows. And the one who hardly comprehends anything from the external world often covers his ignorance with words.
The communication has another side: the understanding. Why to communicate something that the other person does not understand or he/she do not have the basic knowledge to incorporate the information? The other extreme is when the content of the communication is so poor that the audience doesn't know what to do with it. As always in life, levels have to meet.
Finally, there is another factor: being under influence. If the communicating person or the audience is unable to get rid of the effects of the knowledge stored in their memory and it forms a rigid framework in their mind set, then neither the knowledge passed nor the comprehension achieves its goal. This is the case when someone explains the Quran who is a committed Islamophobic, or we want to convince an audience about the essence of Sharia and they have nothing more about it in their head than cutting off hands and feet and they are unable to get rid of this thinking.
So, the essence: knowledge that comes to the point, similar levels to meet and eliminating to be under influence.



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