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Code of the soul

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Code of the soul

2020. május 13. - 15:01


Don’t look at others! The solution is inside you and not in others!

Do they not look at the Camels, how they are made? - (Quran 88:17)

In case men neglect the Hereafter as of no account, they are asked to contemplate four things, which they can see in every-day life, and which are full of meaning, high design, and the goodness of Allah to man. The first mentioned is the domesticated animal, which for Arab countries is par excellence the Camel. What a wonderful structure has this Ship of the Desert? He can store water in his stomach for days. He can live on dry and thorny desert shrubs. His limbs are adapted to his life. He can carry men and goods. His flesh can be eaten. Camel's hair can be used in weaving. And withal, he is so gentle! Who can sing his praises enough?

And at the Sky, how it is raised high?- (Quran 88:18)

The second thing they should consider is the noble blue vault high above them, -with the sun and moon, the stars and planets, and other heavenly bodies. This scene is full of beauty and magnificence, design and order, plainness and mystery. And yet we receive our light and warmth from the sun, and what would our physical lives be without these influences that come from such enormous distances?

And at the Mountains, how they are fixed firm? - (Quran 88:19)

In the third instance, in the Mountains we come to the utility to human kind generally in the services the Mountains perform in storing water, in moderating climate, and in various other ways which it is the business of Physical Geography to investigate and describe.

And at the Earth, how it is spread out? (Quran 88:20)

The fourth and last instance given is that of the Earth as a whole, the habitation of mankind in our present phase of life. The Earth is a globe, and yet how marvelously it seems to be spread out before us in plains, valleys, hills, deserts, seas, etc! Can man, seeing these things, fail to see a Plan and Purpose in his life?

Therefore, do thou give admonition, for thou art one to admonish. (Quran 88:21)

Thou art not one to manage (men's) affairs. (Quran 88:22)

The Prophet of Allah is sent to teach and direct people on the way. He is not sent to force their will, or to punish them, except in so far as he may receive authority to do so. Punishment belongs to Allah alone.

But if any turn away and reject Allah, - (Quran 88:23)

Allah will punish him with a mighty Punishment, (Quran 88:24)

For to Us will be their return; (Quran 88:25)

Then it will be for Us to call them to account. (Quran 88:26)

Let’s stop here for a while. People wage wars after they create hostilities between themselves. One wants to be superior over the other and one makes the other his servant, this is the main motivation. How can we put others under our influence, how can we rule on others or on the whole creature? Some people who passed the level of self-maintenance are not grateful for the surplus what they get from blessings as Allah wishes. If Allah (SWT) had had the same egoist manner as they behave, nobody would have emerged from the amoeba status and we all should have remained unicellular beings. In fact, Allah (SWT) formed us humans who have mind and at the end of the day our mind works power-oriented.

Men have established an organization based on violence and called it state. It is there in order to rule others. They make it look as they are there for people, for environment and for the whole creature however they have different objectives. These aspects are missing from their strategy plan. Other issues like keeping power, influence, accumulation money are their real objectives what they get from pocket of those who launched them to power. They make people believe that they are for the civilians however the civilians are for them.

Then in the history turn of those came who gave warnings however their prophecies survived as idolatries. The content disappeared and the surface has remained. Churches, religious communities have been established using their names but they were more sinful than a simple person whose intention is merely to dominate over others. For they were/are using divine principles in a conspiracy structure in order to push those in spiritual slavery who are thirsty for faith. Instead of being a moral exclamation mark in front of secular states they make states their allies in order to achieve their goal effectively. Then they ignore humans and creation together with states and that is the biggest sin what those can commit.

So, the soul has remained alone. I speak about the soul of an ordinary person what is still innocent of being member of any conspiracy. The purity of a single soul comes from the creation until it is spoiled by false teachings and principles. A single soul is still capable to perceive the millions of miracles coming from creation. It can comprehend the strength of nature, the phenomenon of hills and the eternal divine power. These are the genuine proofs of creation what a simple soul can see. However, states or interest-oriented groups can only understand the superiority of the omnipotent powers only if it turns against them due to their acts. But they have no chance.

Only the simple soul has chance to survive in a new world if man listens to the enormous potential what is coded by Allah in his soul. Therefore, don’t believe to incitement to hatred, don’t follow their demagogy! Only listen the code inside you!



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