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Come on blindness!

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Come on blindness!

2020. február 13. - 17:17


Let's say, you own 99% of the world's money and the other 7.5 billion share the remaining 1%.

@Mihálffy Balázs

This is not far from reality. Capital is divided in this proportion between a few dynasties, groups and the res of population. 1% has 99% of the money and 99% has 1%. What would you do if you had this huge sum? Obviously, you'd be afraid. Because 7.5 billion people, once get angry and find out how much you have, no matter how you got it, they will still say you looted them. In addition, this is partly true. What would you do? Obviously, you would do anything to keep them blind or make confusion between them. The point is, that they should look for the error in one another and not in you.

"Now have come to you, from your Lord, proofs (to open your eyes): if any will see, it will be for (the good of) his own soul; if any will be blind, it will be to his own (harm): I am not (here) to watch over your doings." (Quran 6:104)

Now this verse turns to the material world where men comprehends material arguments. The Creation is material, the Prophets are of material and the Books are material so these are all “Basa’ir” proofs for your eyes.

I hate concepts like conspiracy theory, invisible power behind states, a big eye that sees everything, big brother, and other similar words. I don't believe in these. Because everything happens before our eyes, why can't we see then? Nothing is secret here. There is no invisible power behind the states. Everyone has a name, an identifiable company, an organization, you just have to look up and name it. There is no conspiracy as well. There are only simple interests driven by the law of money. And the money is hungry, it always wants more and more. In this case, the owners of the money are not fastidious to choose any mean to get it. And they are not so choosy. The logic is not complicated either. There is a sophisticated rich class who want to keep their prosperity and are afraid of losing the position of control what they hold. They do what you'd do in the same position. You would put the 7.5 billion in a position where they could not get out of their defenses and vulnerabilities, so you would always have control over them and they should increase your wealth further. You would not view them as man, but as an asset. Come on! You say that you're not like that? Sure, you are! If you are human, you are spoiled! To be spoiled is the character of the human race! Are you offering your seat on the bus to others? Do you give money to the beggar? Yeah! You are the same, you don't differ at all! Only the scale is different.

Now you say, that Jews are responsible. Because everything about money is Jewish! Opps! For me the concept of Jew in general, does not exist. You mean Stein? Name him/her! And what about prince Walid bin Talal bin Abdel-Aziz al-Saud, Ma Huateng, the Chinese company owner, Azim Hashim Premji, an Indian magnate or Li Ka-shing, a Hong Kong investor? Are they all Jews? No matter who they are, the principles described above are true for them as well!

Turning to our Muslim community, yes, there are extremely rich dynasties where no matter Islam exists or not, the laws of money override everything. They override Islam, too! You are on the other side.

For the sake of example, say, that you represent the Muslim average who has 8 children. You can read and write, your wife can just a little bit. You have no money to educate your children, so they learn what they can and the way they can. Your livelihood overnight, just something sneaking on. You are spiritually broken and go to a mosque where your prayer and promising word of your sheikh fill you with hope. Maybe you wish this more than bread. And your sheikh knows what the source of your trouble is and points his finger to the enemy. He verifies his statements by holy quotes and you believe him, for the sheikh knows everything! He has recovered you! You protest, you are agitating, your children are taking samples of you, two of them are being sent by the sheik to Afghanistan or Iraq. If they die there is no sorrow in your heart because they are with Allah since they have given their lives for His cause. You still have no bread, just what you get in the day labor or after your skill in the bazaar. You do not know the cause of the great wars, nor to whom the oil goes from your country, you only know one thing: it is so as the sheikh says. And the sheikh always says something. He speaks at your level so you understand. You do not understand the Quran, but the sheikh explains it, too. And never comes to your mind that sheik explains what the king or prince was asking him to do: hide the reality. Either by radicalizing you, so you don't see, don't hear, just go for what is said in the cause of Allah, or by proclaiming striking things. It doesn't matter that these actions do not fit into the mind of any normal person, but in the meantime, people are concerned with these striking issues and not with real events. Driving attention to other direction! Behold! We have come to the point where Islam has become a tool of deception. And you have become a tool either.

Ah, no! After all, fatwa came from Saudi Arabia, so it must be right! And I lie and distort the truth. I'm just asking: Why is fatwa coming from Saudi Arabia? Why not from the Quran? And now I have to make distinctions because Saudi Arabia in general doesn't exist! People of Saudi Arabia are working, decent, nice and sometimes are misguided too, as anywhere else. So, I name them: Why do you have to take it as non-questionable axiom what Abdul Aziz ibn Baz (rahimuhu allah) or mufti Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al-ash-Sheikh said or says? They say what they say because the king asks them to do so. That's their job. Although things are changing in Saudi Arabia now. We ask Allah to help our brothers and sisters to get things going to the right direction.

Ah, no! Cannot happen like this, many people say. Respecting their views, on the contrary, I argue that it not only does happen, but it must happen like that as the learned sheikhs are there in order to serve the ruler. This has been the essence of the deal what agreed upon Abdel Aziz Al-Saudi, the founding king of Al-Saud dynasty and the scholar Mohammed ibn Abdel Wahhab in 1744. Saudi Arabia is just one example. If we were to analyze other "Islamic Transmitting" locations, we would find similar reasons for their "Transmission"! These are our Holy Places today! Not just with us, but anywhere else. Or not Vatican has the most pedophiles per kid-ass in the world? Poor Pope Francis! He wants to make order, but he finds a lot of opponents because for the sake of God he is preaching the spirit of Gospel! However, Gospel is just as forbidden literature there as the Koran is in our side! The whole conglomerate is cracking, but it is a huge establishment therefore it is capable to hide many sins for centuries. And we have to confess, they are doing a good job! They've managed to keep their followers in blindness so successfully that 7.5 billion insists on staying like that because being in blindness for them is so good! Alleluia, Allah Akbar! Let's go on, kill each other, Steve is wrong, or not! Yusuf is wrong! Why? Because the father said this, the sheik said that.

Bottom line: the 1% is still safe. They are laughing vehemently on you because they see the guarantees to keep you fooled for many years and they have all the assets for that. Your blindness is this asset!



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