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Exclude from yourself what disturbs your consciousness

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Exclude from yourself what disturbs your consciousness

2021. január 10. - 18:26


The task of a correspondent is to recall authentically the lessons of the past and give an objective imprint of the age in which he/she lives. To do this, he/she has to outdo him/herself when entering the inner world of those who are bound to their principles by emotion or interest and not knowledge.

From here, the issue of consciousness comes up together with the motivations in regard of the consciousness. Yes, it has to be analyzed because consciousness is not always objective.
For example, a dog urinates at every tree, not because its kidney is sick, but because it designates its territory. Dogs and many other animals don't do this consciously, but instinctively. Virtually the same instinct drives humans when they build fences or boundaries around their territory. In practice, man creates conscious solutions to his own animal instincts. If the objective human consciousness would have been given priority, he/she would realize that he/she doesn’t even need physical boundaries. The boundary what divides intelligence, objective consciousness from the external world is in a completely different place than the boundary driven by instincts.
So, this was the first level of decision making so far: the motivation. Let's move on and consider the next level, the professionalism, or its deceptive version, the populism.Suppose the government in its program announces an increase in the number of births. That's a nice thing. But in practice, not everyone is given the opportunity to extend the family with one more child, because of the housing shortage, lack of income, no sufficient school system and health care that can guarantee the welfare of the newcomer so as a result he/she would have no proper place among us. A society is made up of many different classes. If only one particular class can afford to increase its birth rate, implicitly or deliberately they will be targeted as subjects of reproduction-growth, while the poorer classes are excluded. However, if the number of children is increasing in the poorer classes too, this will raise further unresolved issues within society. In summary: it is not enough to make a decision. If no environment of solution is provided, the decision itself will be useless or divisive.
After that, let's get to you. If you have been able to open your eyes enough to see what sort of instincts, interests, or populism are driving your thoughts externally, put them in the proper compartment and develop your own consciousness. Anything what is human, you will always find motivation behind. But you are also a man and you are the only one who can tell what you need for yourself. And there's someone else, of course! Allah, the God! He is neither motivated by instinct nor interest.
You live in harmony if the program what is preserved in your soul is in harmony with the secular order of the surrounding world and the system of principles you profess. This is a state what lays on three points. Everyone has some conviction inside of themselves and there is a system of ideas in the external world which are close to or are born in. But maybe you disagree with your priests, your party leaders or those who determine your affiliation, your national issues, or others. Then this balance is upset and you are in conflict. The secular order is ensured by your government and maybe the dictates of your country don't match with the program inside you. You may also be living in an Islamic country where you cannot fit yourself into the frames what are offered by the sheikhs with narrow vision and the corruption of your leaders. No matter you are a Muslim, in such a place you are a stranger in your country, in your mosque, in your own skin. But the opposite can also be true. You may live in a religiously indifferent country in an environment where no one wants you to confesses where do you belong to, but everyone respects your convictions. A sort of balance will be established inside you and you live in harmony. If you do not analyze the source of the troubles, you will not know what to exclude or/and how to change yourself.
However, you must see one important issue. If you suffer of misfortune and your health is damaged, no one is there for you except Allah. Doctors may need to intervene, but your body is being repaired by self-healing mechanisms. Man cannot do as much for himself as God. If the obscurity that people put on your vision is lifted, then you will see Him clearly and keep conscious only what He suggests for you.

Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, "We believe", and that they will not be tested? (Quran 29:2)
Mere lip profession of Faith is not enough. It must be tried and tested in the real turmoil of life. The test will be applied in all kinds of circumstances, in individual life and in relation to the environment around us, to see whether we can strive constantly and put Allah above Self. Much pain, sorrow, and self-sacrifice may be necessary, not because they are good in themselves, but because they will purify us, like fire applied to a goldsmith's crucible to burn out the dross.

We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false. (Quran 29:3)

Finally, we come to the conclusion: Your spiritual consciousness develops when you cease to be Muslim, Christian, or other. You have to stop to belong to a religion. I know a lot of readers are screaming now. Do not scream, but read along. If you stop being a Muslim in the sense of man-made regulations, gossips what press on you a sort of hijab-fashion, prescribes your rules at community gatherings and outline your responsibilities, and in spite of these human external affects you are able to build your faith on your own consciousness, then you win. If you are able to move into a higher space and will not see the boundaries that separates you from others, which separation automatically generates hatred in your heart, then you will be Muslim according to Quranic values. Cease to be religious in human sense. Until you fulfill human expectations as religion, you are only following human values and humans are placing something into your mouth under the title Islam. If you only achieve the conversion to Islam simply by repeating the words of Shihada (oath of faith), this is no more than saying a nursery rhyme:
One, two, three, four, five,
Once I caught a fish alive,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
Then I let it go again.
If a spiritual consciousness develops behind the Shihada, then it was worth crossing the border that separates the dimensions. You will enter the space what is offered by the Quran. Being a Muslim in the spirit of Quran, is a different quality. If your prayers are empty stereotypical movements which you are used to do, it is more useful to do fifty push-ups a day. But if your worships, meditation takes you to a depth where you can get rid of your burdens, get relieved, and return back to the surface with strength, then you really take a decision consciously beside God. And if you give your vote for God without outside influences, your inner balance, your harmony, will not rest on three points, but only on two. God and you. Of these, you can be sure about God, so you can only deal with yourself.

That We might make it a Message unto you, and that ears (that should hear the tale and) retain its memory should bear its (lessons) in remembrance. (Quran 69:12)

This is how I started this article: The task of a correspondent is to recall authentically the lessons of the past and give an objective imprint of the age in which he/she lives. To do this, he/she has to outdo him/herself when entering the inner world of those who are bound to their principles by emotion or interest and not knowledge.
In order to be objective, I have to confront with feelings that are subjective. I ask Allah to accept this teaching, which is based on the revelations of Quran which I understand this way. Amen.




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