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Hope or something else?

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Hope or something else?

2020. július 12. - 19:37


The story below is real. It happened in Pakistan, years ago.

There was a famous neurologist and it took months to get to him. He was a recognized professional not only in the country but also in the region Once he boarded a plane. As they were in the air, a huge storm started. Clouds were towering all over, the plane entered into turbulence, was shaking and one of the engines was damaged. Eventually, they emergency-landed in a remote place somewhere. The doctor was under the pressure of time as he was waited at the destination. He asked when the machine will be repaired? He got the answer that it would take days. It would be better to arrange a car and the destination is just a few hours drive from here.

The car came, but the road was soaked by the abundant rain and the vehicle stuck in the mud. The doctor got out and saw a hut not far from the road, away from everything. He thought he goes there and asks permission to do his prayer inside. An old woman opened the door. She welcomed the doctor and showed him the place for prayer in one corner of the hut. After the prayer, the doctor looked around and saw a small child who looked sick. The doctor asked the woman who this child was? He's an orphan, I'm his grandmother, she said. Very sick, Allah is the only hope of his healing. I prayed a lot for the child and asked for the help of Allah. Only one doctor could help him, but it's impossible to get him. Anyway, if we'd get there, we would have to wait for six months. What's the name of that physician, the doctor asked? Dr. Ishan, she replied. Tears appeared in the eyes of the doctor and he said on trembling voice: "I'm Dr. Ishan." Subhanallah! Allah has responded your prayer. My plane took off, but it was hit by a storm. The engine malfunctioned, we made a forced landing, then I took a car and it got stuck. Finally, I've found myself at your house. I'm here without a waiting list.

O ye who believe! If ye will aid (the cause of) Allah, He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly. (Quran 47:7)

Many times we lose faith. Even though the example above shows that it is not worth to give up hope. We live according to human calculations, but the world does not work according to human calculations. Thanks God to be so! We plan and think in a space that is calculated by human consciousness, but things are not settled in that space. One who knows this and does not lose faith in God, will not place his trust in this space, even if ultimately man helps man. We need to know that this help comes because Allah has ordered this way. He gave the doctor the skill, He opened the door to him to reach professional achievements, and He guided his steps to where he would never have gone. In order the system to work properly, Allah alone is not enough. In vain the system is perfect if it has no gear-wheels that make it work. The three of them, the woman, the doctor, and the sick child, found each other by His grace and understood what had happened. The doctor didn't react that way: fuck it! What the hell am I looking for in this jungle, far from everything while I should be at a conference long time ago! He realized that there and then he was not the famous professor whom people had to wait for six months, but a gear-wheel in the system by the order of Allah. If we get rid of our superiority and subject ourselves to the operating principles of the system, the gear-wheels suddenly come together and the machinery works. Everyone has a role to play.

…. And do not forget Liberality between yourselves. For Allah sees well all that ye do. (Quran 2:237)

If the woman had given up hope or the doctor had behaved differently, the fate of child would not have turned that way. If any of our organs, kidney, heart, lung, etc., "give up hope" in our body, it would be fatal. Fortunately, the heart has no awareness and does not calculate how many times in a lifetime it has to beat without stopping. If it had, it would consider at the beginning as hopeless attempt and it wouldn't start to beat at all. In vain is a musical composition is registered in a sheet music by the author if it is never performed. The way in which it is performed does matter, too. And enough, if a violin sounds false or the pianist stands up and leaves the performance, the piece won't work.
The fate has two sides. There is a side what is ordered by Allah and cannot be changed and there is the other side that we, the conscious ones can form. Our lives are complete if we can fit together these two sides in harmony.



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