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In the place of sanctity is something else

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In the place of sanctity is something else

2020. augusztus 11. - 19:29


Sanctity is not the appropriate word in Islam, but in the culture in which we grew up, that word expresses what I want to say. We often believe in the sanctity of something, in its unquestionable goodness. Sometime we do it rightly, but sometime we are wrong.

It happened in Mali, in Bamako, the capital. I was the caretaker of an orphanage. I was full of faith and desire for purification. I.e. I believed in the sanctity of providence in regard of the institute and the orphans. Because, the believer is blind, but at least can see selectively, I threw myself blindly into the work. There was nothing before my eyes but the fate of poor, orphaned children who were innocent and begin their lives here, without family, maternal caresses and love. Consider this the first phase of my work, that is, the phase of immeasurable humility and devotion towards the sanctity of the orphanage. The second phase, when the sanctity subsides, the work continues in daily habit, but the belief in doing good, lives further in the heart. Meanwhile, I see the leaders of the orphanage calling guests in order to introduce them the daily lives of the orphans and the struggle we are doing.
The third phase is the realization that orphans are just means to make money for a few people. I have been instructed not to give the medicine to children infected with malaria and not to treat the purulent wounds of those infected with Streptococcus. Let them remain so, feverishly, fallen, because Oumou Sangaré, the rich singer and people of an embassy are coming. Let them see the orphans this way, so their heart will be more touched and their willingness to donate will be better.
Then I was also confronted, that occasionally strange Italian and French guys coming who were practically bargaining for the kids. Once I opened the door at a Frenchman who was just playing with the private part of a kid. I realized why all these sick figures had to come to West Africa to adopt a child. I think I don't have to tell that the sanctity of the institute was fallen to the ground by this time.
In fact, I fought against the institute, published articles, wrote about them. But there was also a worse institution than that. They sold the children to Indian organ traffickers.
It was just a snatched example on the desecration of many sanctities. I think the Catholic Church also suffers from the acts of many father Lucifer who abuse children. In vain the act becomes gradually apparent, the blind faith in the church and its sanctity, curbs the recognition. Oh, no! Father Lucifer? Impossible! By the time the sin of father Lucifer becomes proven fact, who knows how many children's life have been ruined.
To establish a solid basement for a sanctity takes a long time. Maybe for millennia. Therefore, people tend not to question the acts of those who serve sanctities, even when the deeds become apparent. There is a period of inertia while the blinding strength of faith keeps the vision dull.

Why am I telling you all this? Because there is a similar phenomenon in Islam. When I unveil some corruption with the experience of a life behind me and write ruthless words, it is not my intention to insult bona fide people. Moreover, my goal is the opposite: their protection from blind faith. I appreciate the devotion of millions of my fellow believers and their faith in “sanctity”. But I blame the fact when this devotion is manipulated and an additional obscurity is put on the eyes. The story about the orphanage convinced me that it is not blindness that needs to be increased, but the recognition.
I still believe in the “sanctity” of Islam. If I didn't believe it, I wouldn't serve it. But I want to dispel the view that things are going well. Also, that we are good. Because there are shit figures among us who make evil out of those who are good, while they believe blindly.
I will change my mind if we do not exterminate each other or outsiders in the name of Islam, if there are no more poor and hungry in the world, if one and a half billion people are able to eliminate the interest and debt traps, and we don't trace our own weakness back to external causes. Satan is not to be blamed! He works well and does his business properly. We are the weak. We do not have the capacity to assert our interests and by the time we have it, we will gradually stand on the side of Satan.

Most of the time, the converts and reverts blame me. Yet, I do it for you, dear converts. I see that you are in the first phase, where the blindness of faith serves a sanctity that is not there. An acting performance stands in the place of sanctity and you, unfortunate ones, will realize that only after decades.
For the one who was born into this is not a tragedy. Although many of them fled from their homeland for just such a reason. However, the ones who are deceived among the converters, will have a painful recognition. Until then, you will serve under untruthful rules prescribed by some family members of a small village under the title of Islam, then you will give birth to children, bind yourself with a thousand threads to fool, inexplicable traditions, and with a grayed head you will realize that something was wrong.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) also realized that something was wrong. It is precisely the things are not in order which are slipping back under Islamic heading and he (the Prophet) put an end to them forever.

Instead of sanctity, Islam uses the word dignity كرامة . Let's see, what issues have dignity? Human life, marriage, rights of ownership, contracts, vows, etc. In addition, all has dignity what Allah has placed under the disposal of man. Are things going well then?

We have honored the sons of Adam; provided them with transport on land and sea; given them for sustenance things good and pure; and conferred on them special favours, above a great part of our creation. (Quran 17:70)

The distinction and honour conferred by Allah on man are recounted in order to enforce the corresponding duties and responsibilities of man.



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