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Internet is the new religion

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Internet is the new religion

2020. január 23. - 15:18


All power propagates a religion. Even if you don't realize it. Don't you see that if you do not follow the principles of democracy, you will close yourself out of your society? Democracy, democracy, democracy! This is what you must shout. Democracy is not a principle any more but a religion. In fact, this must also be introduced in an environment where there is no basis for it.

@Mihálffy Balázs

Didn't Christianity, Islam and others do the same? Sure, they did. It was never enough to occupy an area militarily. It was also necessary to introduce a principle for management that ensured the maintenance of the rights of the winner. In vain we argue as Muslims that our faith comes from Allah, we are not like that, etc. It doesn't matter Who is the One where faith comes from when ultimately men are who manage it by their own interests. This is how Islam became the ruling principle of an entire empire for over a millennium. My previous statement does not degrade Islam, but tries to interpret democracy and other concepts used today in their right place. This is all religion! And as such, it serves the politics. If faith had remained faith and had not degraded to the level of religion, neither would serve politics any of them.

However, Islam has a huge advantage over others. It has a written, revealed Book, the Quran. I do not know that democracy or anything that is being puffed up in parliaments today has been defined by anyone. The Greek democracy or thousands of other examples in the history are being referred, but those are usually slave-keeping societies or other exploitative systems based on inferiority and superiority.

But let's not get being stuck in the different rules of orders and their history. Let's see if they work and if not, what will replace them?

The written basis of Islam is stable, it will never change. The weak link is the ignorant mass of Muslims. Strategies are built on this ignorance inside and outside the Islamic countries. What we transmit is not the infinite wisdom of Scripture, but the infinite ignorance of ourselves.

The factual basis of Christianity is unstable and is becoming more and more unstable over time. This is the weak link here. The inner feelings (not consciousness!) of the Christian masses create strong cohesion. In fact, billions of people experience their faith in a catharsis that has been maintained for thousands of years. The catharsis conceals the criticism of the Scriptures of the past. Spiritual affinity radiates tremendous power, and that is the essence of faith today.

For Western cultures, which are called "developed societies", the key is to maintain free robbery, in which principles are merely means. It does not matter whether Christianity, Islam or whatever, these are transformed here into material concepts that receive material explanations and external scientific approach, thus their essence: spirituality will be lost. If only spirituality is stolen from a doctrine based on spirituality, then it becomes a piece of shit and can be beaten easily by exclusively material arguments. In this line of argument is located the democracy as a winner principle, which is never defined because it has no basic work to refer to. There are thousands of works written and disserted about it, but there is no one that describes what it really is. So, the basic work is unknown. But by cleverly twisting the words and its argumentation system, it has huge follower base and is not bound by written religious rules, since it is not written by itself. Anyone and anywhere can be a follower, and even the military, communication and monetary system helps. Wide range of political means are available.

But there is a new religion. This is the Internet. It is rooted in people even more deeply than in the democracy, simply because it is applicable. Regardless of people's affiliation it provides access to anyone. Big part of the knowledge that mankind accumulated becomes available, in fact, this mass of information can be expanded on daily base. Anyone can post articles and publish thoughts. Information can spread much more effectively here than in churches, mosques, books or anywhere else. Anything what can be downloaded from the net, most of humanity accept it as reaality. It is certain that the net has no Quran, no Bible, no basic teaching, however no one is interested in such norms today. Everyone on the net will be a rubric, a materialized glossary invented and followed by humanity so far. If there are images attached to it, the number of viewers is higher.

Undoubtedly, the net today is a religion. The vast majority of the earth's inhabitants are its followers. In addition to its tremendous benefits like its skill in displaying human data base, we should not forget that this religion is wedged between the Creator God and man. It is only a matter of time and God will be forgotten, the virtual cloud remains and it takes over the role of God. The virtual cloud is made by humans so it contains human errors.

If we Muslims make a mistake, it will lead to wars. If Christians make mistake, many people will fall victim, as it is illustrated by thousands of examples in the history. Dictatorships have killed millions, perhaps just the export of democracies shed more blood then dictatorships, in Pharisee way. But all this is nothing compared to the disaster that can be achieved by manipulating the mass of information in a virtual cloud. We do not even realize that there is a war in this virtual space today. While we are busy with events as knife attacks in a desert, China, Russia, India, USA occupy spaces in the fight between our laptops. They transmit, block, reprogram and render information effective or ineffective. There is an information warfare in which nuclear reactors are paralyzed, spying on, and a sort of knowledge is transmitted what is controlled. And you carry your cellphone in your pocket, not knowing that you are a soldier who no longer represents his own consciousness, but acts as a terminal of a particular data base.

Don't you realize who you have become? Are you not aware that most of our fights, frictions, and conflicts are programmed by algorithms? Think about it. Everything is moving towards a new dimension. Peace.

(It is) a Day whereon men will be like moths scattered about, (Quran 101:4)

Moths are frail light things. To see them scattered about in a violent storm gives some idea of the confusion, distress, and helplessness in which men will be at first overwhelmed on the Day of Account. Old memories will be like a book almost blotted out. New hopes will be vague in a new world just rising on the horizon. But it will be a perfectly just world, and no good action will be lost and no evil one but will have its compensating value estimated.

And the mountains will be like carded wool.(Quran 101:5)

The mountains are solid things, which seem as if nothing could move them. But in that tremendous cataclysm they will be scattered about like flakes of leased or carded wool.



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