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2020. október 11. - 15:13


People ask many questions about Islamophobia. Islamophobia is a phenomenon what precedes the advent of Islam. And if it spreads, those will become its bigot followers who attack Islam the most at the moment. It was always like that in the history.

Fascists became communists and communists have become democrats etc. Surface always changes but the essence remains in the middle stable. Stability on long term is more secured shelter than uncertain surface.

Let’s see what is so disgusting about Islam? What is the cause of Islamophobia? However, nobody can define what Islam means! Anything what appear in front of our eyes in the name of Islam are Islamic organizations and not the classical Islamic teachings! These organizations give very different responses for the same questions referring to Islam. I am Muslim and even myself feel strong phobia against them. But Islam is different. Islam can be defined uniquely on the base of Quran and I don’t think that Quran can cause any phobia. If it happens, I should like to ask the revision of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, too, because there is no so much difference between them. However, if the interpretations of Islamic organizations and schizophrenic Muslim leaders are taken as evidences of argumentation, there is severe reason to fear. In this case there is a need for a detailed investigation because the radical Islamic trends what are jeopardizing the values of civilization were not established by Muslims. They were established by those who spread Islamophobia actually! 

According to logic reasoning, Islamophobia should turn against those who propagate it.

As Christian values cannot be defined, the causes of attacks against Islam cannot be listed, because every offensive argument is also forbidden in Islam. Therefore, let’s stay on the middle and declare: there is no such Christian value and no Monotheist teaching what can cause phobia. Or does democracy, human rights and gay marriage represent part of Christian values? I don’t think so. There is only one universal human value what is represented in the Christian and Islamic teachings as well. 

So, if phobia occurs, please don’t blame teachings but attack those who apply it wrongly. If we want to be objective, there is a need to know Quran in order to know what Islamic teachings are. So far, many wrote me letters that they read Quran and it says this and that. Then they start arguing referring to their update Quranic knowledge. Quran cannot be known well. I spent all my life with Quranic research and I can’t say I know Quran. I discover every day new meanings, teachings what should be adapted to our age. And here you are the essence: Quran has to be adapted and cannot be applied literally. And without contemporary interpretation it cannot be adapted. So, interpretations made in the 12. century are not useful. Therefore, the campaign makes me smile because I don’t know whether what kind of values are followed by the ones who attack, and what is the value what is attacked by them? Only these two aspects should be clarified. Until then I have phobia against the attackers. 




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