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NASA is launching you to the future, churches are taking you back to the past and everyone is looting you at the present

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NASA is launching you to the future, churches are taking you back to the past and everyone is looting you at the present

2020. január 16. - 15:54


What a man does, is usually a good business venture. 

@Mihálffy Balázs

If it wasn't, he wouldn't enter it, or if he enters and sees that business is not going well, he'll leave. Only exceptional, obsessed people do their jobs even when things go wrong in their environment. With very few exceptions, they are considered to be crazy in their own age because they confront with trends which are avoided by sober people. But who is considered sober person? Obviously, the one who adapts to his environment and does everything for the sake of survival. By any means he makes financial benefits out of everything and is egoistic. He is the pattern. He has no principles, and if he has any, it should serve the survival for which any principle can be applied. Even the opposite of what he said yesterday.

Well, our obsessed, foolish man, without any logic, offends the "sober" man and trend. He teaches things that are subject of contempt and therefore he excludes himself from the community. Therefore, he finds followers where he finds himself: out of the community, among the despised, the excluded, the "unwise". If he can manage to organize them and establish order between them, he becomes a threatening force and will be persecuted. His life will change. Being persecuted he has to take decision. He can either take on the martyr fate or fight. According to our terminologies, both are called Jihad. So, the violence enters the scenario. Either this or that way. If the number of his followers exceeds a critical value in order to remain in the memory of the community, he will become a prophet. If not, he will be forgotten.

This is the basic story in case of the Abrahamic monotheistic beliefs. The situation is different in the East. In Eastern cultures people were much more opened to thoughts (nowadays it is a bit different). There was no need to have the fate of a martyr to follow someone's teaching. Faiths were applied more pragmatically. Whatever was good for the individual was kept, what was not good, they went beyond. But the philosophy basically remained. 

Let us return to those who follow one of the teachings of Abraham. They mostly belong to the "white" cultures that have decayed mentality, who consider themselves superior, sacred and chosenones. They are the ones whose languages are full of possessive auxiliary verbs. Without using the verbs "to have, haben avoir, haber", what means to possess something they can practically express nothing. After the death of the "insane teacher", it is not the pursuit of his teaching that comes to the minds of these decayed brains, but how to make the teaching a successful business venture. Behold! Churches are formed everywhere. Even where it is forbidden because it was prohibited by the "insane teacher". As the business went well, internal competition-fights began in order to get the management of the venture. This led to the breakup of the organizations into different sects.

Let's put our hands on our hearts: would be there any priest with a career-model of being crucified at the age of 33 (although we Muslims do not admit it, but for the sake of example it doesn't matter) and he still would accept this fate? But we could give examples from the lives of Moses, Mohammed, Abraham and others, too. Of course, there would be no one to identify himself with the original destiny. Yet millions today suffer from what those "insane minds" suffered a few thousand years ago. But it is not a good business to turn a head towards them. These millions are simple burdens. They only cause bankruptcy for the venture. They cost a lot of money and there is no return! So, what do "the sober people" come up with? They flee back to the past. They do not solve the problems of the present as the "insane minds" would do, but flee with their speeches, teachings to the past, and do not raise their eyes to see what is going on. If they raise it, they do it only to grab the money. They receive money from the state and from individuals just to put obscurity on the eyes of people, to stay in the past, and keep their followers there.

These old "Sunnahs" (patterns to be followed, traditions left by prophets) from the past trample us in the mud! I know you're trying to misunderstand me again. I'm not against the Sunnah. The Sunnah is obligatory. It is obligatory to keep it and follow it. But from the Sunnah one has to follow the teaching, not the word literally, because the words take us back to the Medieval, while teaching is timeless.

Today, the goal of churches and religious communities is nothing more than expanding the frame of their organizations. The inner content that the "insane minds" brought to the world is no longer so important. The point is to have many followers who can be manipulated. Issues concerning individual lives, poverty, and segregation are all being ignored. Nobody cares what could be done for Jennifer Kolompar and her five kids in the gipsy quarter, for Jani, who is addicted to drugs in the neighboring village, or the Tóth family who the bailiff put on the street. Rather, it is about how to guard Christianity from being attacked by migrants, or how to buy empty churches together with priests and convert them into mosques in Sweden, Denmark. Is that so important? Is that the mission? How to fight with the concurrency? Neither of our Books talks about this. Our Books are all prescriptions how to avoid situation like that.

Muslims are being persecuted and we Muslims are just paying attention to that. Christians claim to be persecuted and their vision is also selective, so they see only Christian persecution. Today, persecuted position is a well-traded commodity, therefore even the one is persecuted who is on the side of persecutors. Just the one who is really persecuted nobody pays attention to who they are. They have neither loudspeaker, nor CNN, no BBC and no website. They are the billions of poor who need to be silenced. Even their consciousness should be taken away. They cause a lot of damage. It costs a lot of money to keep them alive and are so poor that they can't buy, consume, so they don't bring money into the system, they just cause costs. They are the real enemy! Yet they were once the masses who the "insane minds" could rely on and their problems were the messages of the Scriptures. 

Yet the world turns against us. The five children of Jennifer Kolompar socialize in violence. Violence brings solution for all the five, whether it be a toy, a bite of food. Not only Jennifer has five children, but many others, too. Hundreds of thousands drug addicted people like Jani are walking desperately on the streets. They have no order of values because the drugs made them instinct-beings. Do you think the homeless have no plans how to survive another day? However, their thinking does not include a five-year plan, but simply how to take away something from those who enjoy their wellbeing! I do not mention the migrant issue, its misrepresentation and the Muslim radicalization that nobody deals with. Is this the future? If we do not take action today, this future is already knocking on the window.



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