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oroginal function of mosques and their role today

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oroginal function of mosques and their role today

2020. július 02. - 18:57


I will not go into the discussion regarding the establishment of places of worship for God from Adam
(peace be upon him) till this day. I will reveal only one thing: what is the difference in the function of
mosques in the time of the Prophet (peace upon him) and for a few centuries thereafter, and today.

What is the goal? „Men and Jinns serve only Me”:

I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me. (Quran 51:56)

Creation is not for idle sport or play: 21:16. Allah has a serious Purpose behind it, which, in our imperfect state, we can only express by saying that each creature is given the chance of development and progress towards the Goal, which is Allah.

The „serve only Me” expression also represents the law of God. And the law must have an establishment. And all starts from here:

Remember We made the House a place of assembly for men and a place of safety; and take ye the station of Abraham as a place of prayer; and We covenanted with Abraham and Isma'il, that they should sanctify My House for those who compass it round, or use it as a retreat, or bow, or prostrate themselves (therein in prayer). (Quran 2:125)

The Ka’ba, the House of God. It was the centre to which all the Arab tribes resorted for trade, for poetic contests and for worship. It was sacred territory and was respected by friend and foe alike. At certain seasons all fighting was forbidden within its limits and even arm were not allowed to be carried and no war game was allowed to be performed. Like in Citie of Refuge under the Mosaic Dispensation to which manslayers could flee. (Numbers 35:6), or the Sanctuaries in Medieval Europe to which criminals could not be pursued. Mecca was recognized by Arab custom as inviolable for the pursuit of revenge or violence. It was a place of prayer. Even today there is the place where Abraham was supposed to have prayed. It must be held pure and sacred for all times.

Let's consider the tasks performed by the mosques:

  1. Apart from the Jumma congregation, the Muslims used to assemble in the mosque in difficult times and sorted out the issues confronting them.
  2. The mosque was like a university to the grownups who acquired and imparted education and knowledge.
  3. For the children, it provided elementary education where they were taught to read and write.
  4. Literary gatherings and discussions were held in it.
  5. Seminars were held to promote intellectual activities.
  6. The Qadhis (Judges) set up their courts to impart justice.
  7. Sometimes the criminals and convicts were placed in custody.
  8. It provided accommodation to the poor, needy, homeless and travelers.
  9. Food was distributed among the poor and hungry.
  10. At times it was also used as the state guesthouse.
  11. It was also used as hospital for the sick.
  12. Marriages were held in the mosques.
  13. It was also the state armory where weapons were made and stored.
  14. The ‘Baitul Mal’, Treasury was also in it from where salaries were disbursed.
  15. Any other matter of importance was discussed and resolved in it.

The above list indicates that it was a universal, multifunctional institute performing state tasks. The city, the state, consisted of the residences of the inhabitants and the mosque. The caliphs also put their administration there at first, and then the various functions gradually were transferred to other sites outside the mosque.

For today, mosques have been "castrated". Apart from Friday’s prayer, they have little activity, and there are restraints if they do want to do more. Yes, the legal conditions are available, there is no administrative problem, only functions are missing. All legal conditions are given to life, yet we die. This is also the fate of mosques. In many cases, I don’t even wonder why this all happens, looking the many dicks who can’t count to two and wash the brains of their zombies while roaring. With this quality, I don’t have questions regarding the degrading, so I don’t even want to appeal to restore full functionality.

But there are many sides to this question. The other side is also a zombie or at least a large zombie factory that is scared from the mosques. I am thinking here of the measures of both Arab countries and European states. Contrary to popular belief, there are much tougher restrictions on mosque-use in Arab countries than in Europe. Because they are very afraid of Islamic organizations, mosques are kept open in many places only during prayer times. After prayer they close quickly so that no one starts agitating. Moreover, the text of Friday’s prayer is prepared and sent to imams in advance from a center, in several countries.

In Europe, the opposite is true. Sure, there is control over mosques, but whistleblowers see chaos and chaos is hard to report. The analysts of the services don’t know if the point is in the beard, or in a smooth-shaven face who drinks whiskey, distributes money and arms. By the time their analyzes got around, they have to bite their tails, thus falling behind on the events that began in the mosque after a few tearful speeches. When trouble occurs, not the criminals are exposed to the public, but the Islam is communicated as the source of all the trouble. Europe does not understand Islam! However, the understanding of Islam would solve Europe's problem with us.

When it comes to cultural, educational and university-replacement knowledge services, it is certain that we have scholars who are worth paying attention to. Well, they don't get a platform. They talk in vain if the microphone is not placed in front of them. Stupid and horrifying dicks get a thousand microphones because they are the perfect means to display a negative image on Islam. So, I myself do not suggest that you place your child in such hands. In Islamic countries, there is no longer a way for a wander to stay in a mosque, in Europe maybe yes.
The “treasury” function is performed by the bank account, on which one hundred reports are generated about the movement of each cent.

Do you review once again the fifteen points where I have classified the responsibilities of mosques? And it is incomplete! However, it is good to demonstrate what functions Islam used to perform! As these functions are lost, Islam also has become meaningless.
Let me change my point! Much of the knowledge has been transferred to the online space. There are hazards in that, too, but it also offers a solution for those who are fed up to tolerate the foot odor and snoring of their praying neighbor while listening to a sermon of a stupid preacher about the multiplication table, the flatness of the ground, and other fundamental issues. Full respect to the exceptions.



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