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Path of trial that must be tolerated

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Path of trial that must be tolerated

2021. január 11. - 19:45


This is life

Alas! I have a big problem and no one is helping me! Neither the community nor its leader! I am left alone in poverty, illness with two children, arrears of rent, etc. Alas! What will happen to me? Isn't it familiar?
Islam provides principles from which a conduct emerges on a long term. If it goes into practice, orderly circumstances will be realized. The wealth of the rich doesn't belong to them, but belong to Allah in order to test them. In their part the share of those who do not have enough to make for their living is included. Allah (SWT) prescribes the care of them, the sick and all those who have been trapped in debt or have been afflicted. He ordains the protection of the weak in the same way.

In vain are there the prescriptions if those cannot be realized today. This is because today Satan and not Allah (SWT) dominates people. Did you listen to what I said? Satan does not dominate the world, but people! Any place where is no man, everything works according to the Divine order, in harmony! However, if the laws of Satan override the provisions of God in men, the required division and conduct mentioned above will not take place. Therefore, requests are addressed to the wrong place by the kind suppliant. Milk should be taken from the cow, not the mouse. You are asking for milk in the wrong place! Why don't try the Rothschild family? But I could also list the names of kings, emirs. They have the thing what you're lurking for! O, well! That they do not give, rather take away? Isn’t that exactly what I’m saying that Satan has a stronger impact on people today than God?And if the appeal is addressed for someone else, they are mostly just as much a victim as the beggar him/herself, so the appeal is meaningless. Of course, a few crumbs may fall, as noble-heartedness always exists, but rewriting the current distribution practice according to Islamic principles on a systemic level cannot be expected. And it is unfair to misuse these occasional aids. Today is about the “taking away” and not about the distribution!
So, what does a community have to do? Their job is to do the thing they can do within their limits of action! If the leadership of a particular community receive their salary from the Rothschild family, they also receive the terms and conditions. In vain are there mentioned Mohammed and Allahu Akbar, these are just words, this community will also be working on the "taking away process" or involvement the followers in stupid actions, not on the establishment of the distribution system.And when it comes to a normal, fair community, their criterion is their inability to help others at system level because they don’t have the opportunity to do so. Then, what can such a poor community do? They can only do one thing. They teach the classical principles of Islam in order to sustain the knowledge and save it for an age when people can utilize them. The existing one is not that age! These communities are victims and they will not enjoy the fruits of their work in earthly life. But they do their job proudly with faith and know that they have the reward in the afterlife. In this situation, is it worth bothering such a community and put on them extra load? Give the answer yourself.

What's left? Allah and you. Maybe not enough? If that’s not enough, why do you call yourself a Muslim? Go to a psychologist, the spiritual leader of another religion, who will hear your confession, talk to you gently and you can speak out your grief, and that’s it. Do you think anyone except Allah cares about you? Are you complaining that you are hungry, sick, have no money, are you going to die? If you do like that, don’t call yourself a Muslim again! Everyone will die, even you. Death is part of our lives and does not mean passing away. Are you afraid of what will happen in any case and there will be no hunger, illness afterwards, will not be disturbance by the lack of money that you are complaining about now?

Your business is the steadiness, struggle and not the complaining. You have to tolerate, to endure and you are not allowed to give up. Don’t think about suicide and other bullshit. If you are a Muslim, be patient and be a Sign! As a Celestial Sign, walk your way proudly, even if it is a path of misery, being stigmatized, disease, reminding people that we exist, we are, and our principles, our teachings will survive our individual destiny. This is the path of ordeal, also known as life!

O ye who believe! seek help with patient perseverance and prayer; for Allah is with those who patiently persevere. (Quran 2:153)




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