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The intertwinig of muslim organizations with non-islamic principles

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The intertwinig of muslim organizations with non-islamic principles

2021. február 22. - 19:08


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I started the chapter with this picture:

The way how the cards are split

The picture shows that at present, Islam is not considered anywhere as a principle or faith, but as a means to achieve political goals. It is not even the means in the hand of Muslims for the realization of their political goals, but of the world's superpowers where the leaders of Islamic countries or larger organizations are simple proxies, and the terrorist organizations and the Muslim tendencies picked up by media are no more than proxies of the proxies. Classical Islam itself is pretty much completely lost in that new trend. The attempt of the recent period, for my part, has been to show how far the teachings of classical Islam are from what we mean by Islam today.
As politics change, we also see India and China emerging among the world’s leading powers. Inevitably, they too, need to express some kind of relationship with Islam. For the time being, it is hostile, see China’s Uyghur policy and India’s anti-Muslim racist measures at the domestic level and with Pakistan in its foreign policy. But with the masses and resources of the Islamic world of one and a half billion, they have to reckon in the future. What will happen? Force? Manipulation?
Modification of Islamic interpretations? Friendship? Cooperation? Cultural integration? We don't know yet. Or will the Islamic world become a traitor to its own principles and sell itself? This is also in the deck.
The images may indicate that the rule of the world is maintained by the law of robbery. This will be the case until the coming of the Messiah, Who will fight together with Mehdi on His side the battles against the evil forces. Until then, Islam as a teaching can only be in opposition. The doctrine that opens the eyes and reveals the manipulations and methods of the robbers cannot be accepted in any current system. He/she who is a Muslim from the heart must accept that his/her teachings are not welcomed by this world, in fact, the surrounding society tries to silence him/her, to ignore him/her. And the Muslim leader who appears on this map as a proxy for robbers does not serve the cause of Islam, even if he promises short-term benefits.
There is only one constant factor in this ever-changing space: Allah and His will and ultimately His victorious truth.

Tha way how the cards split in the future

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