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The real borders of Europe are its categories

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The real borders of Europe are its categories

2020. július 28. - 19:20


Europeanism and its appreciation are a fashionable topic. No doubt there is a lot to be proud of. Ancient Greece, Rome, the achievement of democracy, with its good and bad sides, then a thousand years of barbarism and horrors under the banner of the cross, but later on a revival, renaissance, enlightenment, science, technology, etc.

However, let us not forget the trifle things even in the modern age, such as colonization, extermination of half humanity for acquiring their assets, creation of sense of supremacy and dominance for the white race worldwide, and repackaging of the latter thought with "Christian values." We cannot remain silent concerning Holocaust, which fits into the "white" trend, especially when it is coupled with looting and strengthening racial position.
Let's move to the area of thinking. Europe is currently following a Prussian way of thinking that can only interpret the phenomena of the world in categories which are created by Europe itself. This is true even if these categories and a given phenomenon operate in a completely different system. In the past we were speaking about Orientalism. It is a science what is entitled to explore the east and define it to the world: that east is the thing what a handful of "scientists" see and makes others to see. Of course, this handful of scientists only see what they get payment for. If they get a premium for mixing shit, they will adjust the East to it in order to meet that goal.
Europe invented categories for law as well, and embedded the reality into it, not the other way around, so right is not created in accordance the events that have happened. It does so only if it has a sudden interest in the appointment of a minor, unsuitable candidate to be a minister. In this case, the suitability of a minor, inexperienced person with a given identity number to be minister, suddenly becomes law.
It has an image on Jesus, God, and projects the same comprehension when the God image of other religions, ideologies are discussed. It cannot distract from the fact that elsewhere there are different categories, different interpretations of sin and virtue, different approaches to life and death. What does not fit into the categories of Europe is simply regarded as barbarism, a concept that has no place here, but it never even turns out that something is wrong here?
As science advances, we Muslims can only rejoice because we have more knowledge on the creation of Allah. In contrast, the Vatican is modifying the Bible because they want to modernize everything. Even the Vatican is thinking in a European way and follows its own categories. The comprehension of Muslims on a death case is as if the deceased were moving from one room to another. In the European view this is an immense loss and mourning. In the interpretation of life, our aim is to comply to the law of Allah, which cannot be limited by worldly power. European values, on the other hand, place human life within the framework of compliance with European laws and constantly change this framework according to a given concept.
In Europe, the issue of religiosity is exhausted by Sunday church worships and leisure activities. Islam is fundamentally different! This is not about Friday's mosque tour, even though there is a wish to transform it to be like that. In Islam, faith and law cannot be separated, because law is part of the faith! In Islam, it is not Sunday or Friday is about faith, but every minute of life is talking to Allah, asking for guidance, giving thanks, etc.
True, there is now an aspiration to explain Islam in a "white" context, which is spectacular, entertaining, but that is not Islam, rather a scientific and educational course that accomplishes the exact opposite goal. So, a superficial knowledge is included in the system of European categories and concretized there. Then Europe will explain to Muslims what Islam really is within this framework.
The most important thing is not happening: eliminating categorization, breaking down the walls in thinking. Europe which always suffers from lack of time, rushing, capable presenting the whole life achievement of Shakespeare in 17 pages, intends to do the same with Islam. I know there are many candidates from our ranks who are willing to fit Islam in the "European trend" for good money, but unfortunately, they cause a lot of damage.
How is it possible to categorize and make edible a mass of revelation, which is not a storybook, but collection of essences of thoughts, which only open up at the cost of long meditation, thinking and pondering, then become the basis of human values? The point is, you can't categorize it, because each person would be a separate category! Thoughts open up differently to Joe, Steve, Kate, and finally the miracle is, that the order comes together!
According to European rules, Joe, Steve and Kate must accept the declaration of regulations when they adopt Islam and doing so they have to pay fees for membership of a Muslim association, pay tax and submit themselves to the state laws and regulations regarding religious freedom and conscience! Bullshit! How the hell I submit myself? It is impossible! At least in this form it is impossible.
Obviously, we also have to accept the norms of the community, rules of cohabitation, but we cannot put our thinking into a tight box!
The same statement is valid for the other way around. There are narrow-minded scholars among us too, who preach about Islam in a way what is anti-Islamic. They do much to alienate us, Muslims from the home where our souls find rest.
Here I express my respect and appreciation to the ordinary millions who have recognized the trend, do not talk, don't explain, but do their best to pass on knowledge to an age when Allah (SWT) opens the doors for it. This is what our ancestors did a thousand years ago, and the knowledge they have passed on to Europe was the basis of the Renaissance and then the Enlightenment, but Europe has forgotten it.

Proclaim! (or read!) in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created- (Quran 96:1)

The declaration or proclamation was to be in the name of Allah the Creator. It was not for any personal benefit to the Prophet: to him there was to come bitter persecution, sorrow, and suffering. It was the call of Allah for the benefit of erring humanity. Allah is mentioned by his title of "thy Lord and Cherisher", to establish a direct nexus between the source of the Message and the one addressed.

Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood: (Quran 96:2)

The lowly origin of the animal in man is contrasted with the high destiny offered to him in his intellectual, moral, and spiritual nature by his "most bountiful" Creator. No knowledge is withheld from man.

Proclaim! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful,- (Quran 96:3)

He Who taught (the use of) the pen,- (Quran 96:4)

The symbol of a permanent revelation is the mystic Pen and the mystic Record. See 68:1. The Arabic words for "teach" and "knowledge" are from the same root.

Taught man that which he knew not. (Quran 96:5)

Nay, but man doth transgress all bounds, (Quran 96:6)

All our knowledge and capacities come as gifts from Allah. But man, in his inordinate vanity and insolence, mistakes Allah's gifts for his own achievements.

In that he looketh upon himself as self-sufficient. (Quran 96:7)



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