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What is the message of Gyöngyöspata for us?

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What is the message of Gyöngyöspata for us?

2020. január 19. - 18:34


There is no sillier creature than humans. 

He believes in the army. He approaches the army either being recruited or just stays in an area as a common citizen during the time of military occupation, and he dies. He believes in money. Then he goes to a bank, which immediately sucks the last penny out of his pocket and puts him into debt. He believes in power. Then he goes closer to it and he will immediately be bound to his physical place where he pays taxes and his thoughts will be manipulated. He believes in his church. Then, once a week he receives a thousand-year-old tale of no relevance, gets threatening if he is disobedient and priest, sheiks destroy everything that God has created in him as individual, unique.

He just doesn’t believe in God. Instead, he is looking for a tangible, objective thing to put his trust in. However, if you think carefully, beside your family you keep them alive all! What do they give in return? Directives, rules, obligations. Finally, one team threatens with earthly and the other with afterlife sanctions. If you think more carefully, the reason of threats are obligations that have to be realized for their benefit. Not for your benefit! All of this is communicated so cleverly that only in your deathbed you will realize, that you were tricked during your whole lifetime. Provided, if you realize it at all and will not cross the threshold of the afterlife with the happy unconsciousness of a sheep!

All right, let be responsible both sides. The existence of my stupidity needs to be there to be looted. I agree. In order to reach this degree of poverty, situation of the Gypsies, worsening health care, and disintegrating regions what are stroken by backwardness, we must all be mistaken. We are unfit for settling ourselves and for self-organization etc. We have no idea how NGOs and institutions of legal representation work. The problem is that even institutions of legal representation have no idea how to enforce law.

Yes, but the other side of the coin is that for centuries those skills have been destroyed in us what would make us able for settlement of our own awareness and for self-organization! We have no consciousness and soul! Our consciousness has been driven by a false set of rules that considers the "being deceived" state as natural. So, the existence of any misery or humiliation is natural, not conspicuous.

And our souls are trapped. We are soulless. Believe me! I realized that in Africa. The misery is there too, I guess I don't have to prove it. But African life in misery is different. There is a spiritual world where people's souls rest. They are taking a lot of care still to keep this spiritual world alive. In our "advanced Europe", this spiritual world has been destroyed. If it doesn't exist, where would the soul feed from? So, the soul is lost. The fact that there are temples, mosques, means nothing. They cannot import to us the world that Allah has entitled them for. They are putting obligations and directives on our shoulders that are devouring the soul. If there is no soul, misery is different than in the place where soul exists. I can declare that the misery in Hungary is more unbearable than in Africa.

If I look at the recent past, I can see that there was a spiritual space even in wildest communism, in the time of our fathers and grandfathers. Some used it, some did not. But it existed and helped to survive situations. After the change of regime, not only the political system changed, but so did the spiritual space. It is enough to look at the generation that has been born since then.

If I look only at the Gypsy-Hungarian issue, let me ask: was there such a gap between us 40 years ago as we have it now? Even though Gypsies were in a much worse physical state (in general!) than they are now, we were spiritually closer to each other. As a kid we used to play together, we were schoolmates. I do not remember that issue of origin has raised between us even once. The skin color was natural, it didn't even appear. We had a soul! It is interesting, when I talk to Gypsies who were born and brought up at this time, we understand each other, we are close to each other. The new generation is different everywhere. And I explain this difference with soullessness. Obviously because this is my profession. Others study the economic and political causes of impoverishment and find the motives there.

I started with army, banks, power and church. The army was then the melting pot for the people of Hungary. It was no matter what background one came from. Banks were not as predators as presently. They managed people's deposits and did not seek to loot them. The power had serious faults, that's right. It was responsible for eradicating cultural backgrounds, dismantling the institution of voivodeship and engaging us in some kind of internationalist nonsense. But as much as it was disadvantage, it was an advantage, too. Everyone was treated the same way, because we were all internationals and not Hungarians, Gypsies, Swabians. Of course, I exaggerated, it was not so wild, I just wanted to illustrate the difference between the cohesions at that time and today.

The church was not uninhibited either. One could believe in what they were preaching and they held our soul firm even in the most internationalist times. Faith was different!

Today, these four confidence factors give the biggest slaps.

Our Prime Minister enhanced this situation further in a statement on the Gyöngyöspata affair. He questioned the court's decision to award compensation to Gypsy people who had suffered of disadvantaged treatment in education due to segregation. The court does not judge on its own, but on the basis of the laws in force. The laws are passed by the parliament. In the parliament the party of the prime minister has a two-thirds majority. Did they vote the wrong law then? With such a statement, the ice cream is licking back.

He's a Prime Minister, not a charity. He has right to make politics because the majority has chosen him. But it should be seen that the result of such a statement, if we take it literally here at the edge of the society, is division, confrontation and fight. And if this happens in such a soulless environment, there will be soulless confrontation and fight. Is that what the Prime Minister wants?

I ask Allah to change the thinking of those who are looting us! I ask Allah to bring souls back to the people and consciousness to the brains and create peace, love between us! Ameen.

O ye who believe! Let not some men among you laugh at others: It may be that the (latter) are better than the (former): Nor let some women laugh at others: It may be that the (latter are better than the (former): Nor defame nor be sarcastic to each other, nor call each other by (offensive) nicknames: Ill-seeming is a name connoting wickedness, (to be used of one) after he has believed: And those who do not desist are (indeed) doing wrong. (Quran 49:11)

Mutual ridicule ceases to be fun when there is arrogance or selfishness or malice behind it. We may laugh with people, to share in the happiness of life: we must never laugh at people in contempt or ridicule. In many things they may be better than ourselves!

An offensive nickname may amount to defamation, but in any case, there is no point in using offensive nicknames, or names that suggest some real or fancied defect.

The prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“If a person humiliates a believer, indigent or otherwise, Allah shall always abhor and humiliate him.”

Resource: Jame’ al-Sa’adat, Volume 2, Page 215


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