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Avoid thinking within the frame of religion but within set of values. Islam is set of values

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Avoid thinking within the frame of religion but within set of values. Islam is set of values

2020. november 20. - 19:22


We often hear that every decision is taken by the brain. This is true. But a little word is forgotten.

Because decisions are taken not in anyone's mind, but in your brain. Society consists of the individual, the family, and beyond, the different groups that follow many principles. It is useless to communicate on TV, in the media, on the Internet to the masses, when finally, the reading, watching and taking decision takes place at individual level. The conscious state of these individuals may be zombies, flock of sheep, followers or thinkers, analysts. The latter one only analyzes and draws opinions based on the information available in his/her brain. Therefore, it is important to constantly provide our brains with independent knowledge and information.

Most of the instructions in the Quran are for the individual. There are numerous references like "don't you comprehend it?", or "don't you remember"? In spite of the plural, the individual is regarded while reading. If there is no order in the mind of the individual, it is useless to bring knowledge to the level of the family and society. If order or some kind of system is formed, the next step can be the family, but there too, with moderation, leniency, freedom of choice, and respect.


And admonish thy nearest kinsmen, (Quran 26:214)

And lower thy wing to the Believers who follow thee. (Quran 26:215)

That is, be kind, gentle, and considerate with them, as a high-flying bird is when she lowers her wing to her offspring. 17:24 and 15:88

Then if they disobey thee, say: "I am free (of responsibility) for what ye do!" (Quran 26:216)

And put thy trust on the Exalted in Might, the Merciful,- (Quran 26:217)

Then we come to the largest group, the society, where, over time, values take a completely different direction. If the building blocks represented by the individual and the family are weak, the building collapses. The Quran and other Scriptures are referring to the birth, pursuit of values, prosperity, abandonment of values, and destruction of the different peoples, whether Lot or Median or others.

And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): Then see what was the end of those who indulged in sin and crime! (Quran 7:84)

What do I want to point out? That you make up your family and your society. If you are stupid, so will they. And if you train yourself, you are thinking, there's a chance to create a meaningful environment around you.

God has repeatedly shown in history that He can destroy peoples. Their destruction has always occurred when their values have turned over into a misguided quest for pleasure. They were replaced by other nations whose set of values were in place. They were fine at the social level and at the individual level, too. I know, there are examples of barbaric conquests as well. Retrospectively, a historical evaluation often classifies societies as barbaric or civilized based on interests. When placed in the context of the time, Roman orgies may have been considered more barbaric than the traditions of the neighboring tribes. And our Hun ancestors? Were they not barbarians? This is what many people think. These are just words. Whoever they were, they had power as long as they had a set of values that they could follow on individual level, which turned them into a strong community.

Everyone knows that the world is still following bad set of values. In any way it has to change. In many cases, mankind has been given the time to change. The decision on changes is taken in the head, in your head. Executives above society are not interested in change, but in maintaining power.

But power only needs to be changed if, along with it, the value system is restored, too. Before my words will be misunderstood, I am not thinking of Islamic Revolution and similar nonsense. Islam is also a value system that doesn't differ in its basic principles from other value systems that have launched individuals who have established creative societies. So, I'm talking about values in general.

This is the riddle of today. The set of values in written form exist, but at the individual level, followed consciously, which would consolidate in a mass accordance, doesn't exist. And many are working to keep it that way. As long as we argue about whether Jesus was the Son of God or not, or whether the Trinity is idolatry or not, and we manage to keep our debates, our hostilities at that level, the world and its values will remain like that for a long time!




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