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Does the word have any power?

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Does the word have any power?

2020. január 14. - 16:59


Sure! The word has great power. It has more than we think. Since our childhood there are magic words of tales in our ears what we repeated while were expecting miracles or Jinn coming for our help.

@Mihálffy Balázs

Anyone who deals with sport knows the stage when body gives up and no further effort can be invested. When I reach to that stage I murmur inside myself:

There is no might nor power except with Allah.

If I repeat it many times the fatigue of body becomes secondary issue and somehow new reserve energies become active and I can fulfill the job.
The strength of word can be multiplied if it is spoken out jointly. Word represents will or intention. The jointly outspoken word roots in common will or intention. Congregational prayer is established on the common word. If it was sincere it has enormous spiritual effect on soul:

Seest thou not how Allah sets forth a parable? - A goodly word like a goodly tree, whose root is firmly fixed, and its branches (reach) to the heavens,- of its Lord. So Allah sets forth parables for men, in order that they may receive admonition. (Quran 14:24)

"Goodly word" is usually interpreted as the Divine Word, the Divine Message, the True Religion. It may also be interpreted in a more general sense as a word of truth, a word of goodness or kindness, which follows from a true appreciation of Religion. For Religion includes our duty to Allah and our duty to man. The "evil word" is opposite to this: false religion, blasphemy, false speech, or preaching or teaching unkindness and wrong-doing.

It brings forth its fruit at all times, by the leave of its Lord. So Allah sets forth parables for men, in order that they may receive admonition. (Quran 14:25)

And the parable of an evil Word is that of an evil tree: It is torn up by the root from the surface of the earth: it has no stability. (Quran 14:26)

Allah will establish in strength those who believe, with the word that stands firm, in this world and in the Hereafter; but Allah will leave, to stray, those who do wrong: Allah doeth what He willeth. (Quran 14:27)

Once there was a job called “popular education”. The objective was that knowledge and culture should reach to people in closed and segregated regions, as well. Experts of popular education sacrificed a lot in order to establish social integration. They have reached everything with the strength of word.
Today we have a fashionable expression: society building. It resembles to some extent to popular education however it builds societies for realizing political purposes. Its main motivation is spreading the values of democracy. At least this is the purpose what has been declared.
However, think over the power of word regarding our global situation! There are 7.5 billion inhabitants in the world and it is important how they form their opinion, to what their attention is focused, what they have to perceive and what cases have to remain hidden. Regarding this issue the brilliant verses of our Quran put on light and make us understand what good and bad word means, how it comes one has root and the other hasn’t. The root of good word is firm and on long term comes true no matter what is the intention of man. The bad word has no roots at all. Maybe on short term it is attractive and credible however on long term it dissipates. This is message for those who are going to establish common future based on common will and is a message also for those who maintain nation dividing lie-factories in order to realize their political interest. Afterwards it is not a question whether has word any power?



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