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Don't be proud for what divides us but be proud for what links us together!

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Don't be proud for what divides us but be proud for what links us together!

2020. november 17. - 17:35


O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and (always) say a word directed to the Right: (Quran 33:70)

We must not only speak the truth as far as we know it, but we must always try to hit the right point; i.e. we must not speak unseasonably, and when we do speak, we must not beat about the bush, but go straight to that which is right, in deed as well as in word. Then Allah will make our conduct right and cure any defects that there may be in our knowledge and character. With our endeavour directed straight to the goal, we shall be forgiven our errors, shortcomings, faults, and sins of the past.

So, I will say now words directed to the Right.
First of all, this article was not inspired by the commentators in my posts so do not look for signs of personal targeting. In fact, I’d like to express my thank for the normal tones, discussions, comments so far, even if we have sometimes different opinions. But sometimes I get instructions from new believers who have converted Islam only a few weeks ago. After their sudden enlightenment they reveal principals and decide directions of paths as if they were professors or great sheikhs. This is not a new thing. The last few decades made me accustomed to this. But I'll write it anyway. I write the experience I have lived.

I am often amazed when I get smart-looking and indubitable guidelines to be followed. Sorry, but I'm a 65-year-old man and I know exactly how much I don't know. And you of course, know everything because Ali or Yusuf (don't try to identify names with people) explains for you the whole Truth. For many years I also believed to a lot of Ali and Yusuf, but I realized that these people have little to do with what happened 1400 years ago between Mohammed (peace be upon him) and Allah. And this is not the fault of the simple Ali and Yusuf! The soul of the people is pure just manipulated!
Here you are two figures. One presents the Islamic schools of thought, the doctrines (Aqida), the other one the Sharia schools. Certainly, you know that we are talking about the two main elements of the Quran. These two figures embrace years of studies. Every Madzheb (school or trend) is supported by numerous scholars and libraries. Of course, this does not concern the modern trends where for cutting off heads there is no need for literature. The CIA's electro-shock workshop is enough there.So, in history many combinations of Doctrine and Sharia schools have been set up however I'm just talking about the countless ways we can be proud of. Because there are some that we cannot be proud. You can see that Sufi schools form a separate group because they do not fit into the division of conventional Islamic Doctrine and Sharia trends. They created love-based communities where the goal is not the written order but the strengthening of inner vision of heart. Now I've simplified it a lot. The reality is more complicated than that. As the figures attached are more complex, too. There are many more branches and sub-schools. Some of them tolerate each other and others are hostile.

Well, all of them consider themselves to be the representative of pure Islamic teachings and they follow their own spiritual leaders, imams. If you ask them, for the same question one school says “no” and the other says “yes” and the outsider questioner does not understand anything. Ali and Yusuf come from places where one of these Madzhebs (trends) is followed. As old women in villages are delighted of their priest however they have no idea what the priest is speaking in the temple, even Ali and Yusuf are so with their sheikh. The theatrical and verbal skills of Ali and Yusuf should not persuade anyone! But Ali and Yusuf should not be blamed. They may act out of their pure intent. The accusation is against those who have done and are still doing division with Islam! Those who torn Islamic thinking to pieces and make it impenetrable by contradictory teachings. Those who interpret all bullshit that's not in it. But they never admit that Quran is their chief prosecutor, their main accuser! Do not strengthen the truth of a group, but the Truth of Quran!
With the help of the attached figures please define which heading you are in then you can see that you are in a gang of a few thousand or million members. Who then dares to pretend to be an expert in Islam no matter Muslim or non-Muslim? It's okay to say opinions or teach, but how dare one judge others for not being on his way? How dare one qualifies others, be pompous, boastful! Allah alone has the right to judge. A Muslim only has one right: to love, smile, show harmony and does his job. If he is asked about his good deeds and harmony, then he tells: Allah did it with me! But never reverse the order.
Either the whole team is one unit and we are all brothers and sisters under the umbrella of Quran, or the gang war continues and we lose our credit completely.

And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; .... (Quran 3:103)

Do not refer to imams, but to the Quran! The Imams have torn us apart while Quran unites us. I'm sorry, but Muslims are not my brothers, don't call me like that but believers are my brothers. Faith is different than religion. For me Islam is not my religion, but my faith, which is a completely different concept. If Islam is your faith, then I am a brother for you.

Imam Ahmed said in Masned referring to Abu Ya’ali Ibn Abu Shaiba who mentioned it from Anas. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
“Al-Islam is the apparent (declaration) and al-Iman (faith) is hidden in the heart than he put his hands on his chest and said: the piety is here!”

How dare you call people into some sects so that the one who enters has to be segregated from other Muslims! Even other Monotheistic believers must be regarded as brothers because we are bound by the same faith! Again, I'm not talking about religions! Religions mostly started as positive phenomena because they formed and taught communities for pure services, but they crossed the border and competed with other similar religious communities. They formed an elite and treated everyone else as enemies. On the place of love hatred has come. Any location where this process went on, religion has become the sin of mankind, which breaks the faith into pieces and privatizes it for a group.
I don’t follow Imams. I have read their thoughts enough. But, unfortunately, Imams do not give a cornerstone why such a dirty situation exists in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. They give no guidance on what to do about the apocalyptic phenomena of the 21st century. However, there are prophecies that we can listen to everyone at this time, but not to our scholars:

There will come a time upon a people when nothing remains from Islam except its name, nothing from the Qur’an except the form of its letters, mosques will be built but are empty of guidance, their scholars will be the worst people beneath the sky, and chaos will emerge from them and return to them. (Bayhaqi)

For me, after learning in my lifetime and 30 years of wandering in the Islamic world and Africa, Quran remains the only authentic source to be followed. I do not put my feet in a mosque or in a temple, I get along well with my God in a little corner, why do I look for Satan? I want to vomit if I recall the much violence, bloodshed, the stiffness of psychopathic minds. But I happily recall simple Muslims in my memories, the poor ones, wherever they lived, who have given their hearts and souls in order to serve and save lives of others. They are made as subjects of Islamophobia by many of today's trends.
But this is my way only. I take this one and you take your own way. May Allah accept it from us.




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