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Envy is the twin brother of arrogance

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Envy is the twin brother of arrogance

2020. július 26. - 19:57


There are those who just love themselves. If they speak, only they are right, if they do something, only the good what they do. I

f you speak, they correct you, they will reshape your opinion until it matches theirs. If they could, they would set a mirror image of themself everywhere and spend their life among those reflections. There is no room for arguments against such a people because the fault of the ego makes the arguments impossible to function. This quality is the arrogance, pride, in Arabic Kibr كبر .I've already written about that subject in the article titled “Arrogance and pride have caused the destruction of human societies in the past and will cause the same in the future”.

There is another disease of ego, the envy, in Arabic Hasd حسد .That is, even worse than the former. Because envy doesn't need a reason to attack. An envious person is bothered when someone is happy, has achieved something, or just has peace. You don’t even have to know that person, talk to him/her, represent a different opinion, and give him/her a reason to attack. He/she attacks for no reason. The phenomenon that results envy causes hatred in him/her, which is often not spectacular, but encourages him/her for sly, sneaky action. He/she does not rest until the root causes, such as happiness, health, lucky events, cease. He/she feels joy when the other suffers, is afflicted. Pride and envy are often present together.
Do we remember the paradise scene and Iblis (Lucifer)? He is the embodiment of Kibr (pride, pride) and Hasd (envy). So, the original sin, Adam’s confrontation with the Lord, was brought to the surface by these two qualities of Iblis. In ordinary people, like us, those two are constantly whispering and directing us. We seek refuge in the Lord from these inner voices:

Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn (Quran 113:1)

And from the mischief of the envious one as he practises envy. (Quran 113:5)

So, in response to those who see religiosity as a vanishing phenomenon of the past, my message is that the Bible, Quran, and the Scriptures are not nonsense, just we need to be able to read them properly! It is not the tale that needs to be understood from them, but the message. The point is not whether Lucifer had horns or not, but to understand the symbols. In vain do we say that our book is good, your books are bad. Many times, the results obtained after the derivations are similar today and that is the point. Are not relevant the above two verses and the whole 113-114. Surah? Do those not fit into the man of today? Because it is a timeless message, we can see that man and the dangers around him/her have not changed and will remain so until the end of time.

But let's move on. What happens if these two sins, arrogance and envy, Kibr and Hasd, come to power? Here is the hadith:

Narrated by Abu Fadl al-Iraqi and Imam Ahmed in the “Muhajjat el-Qurb” (The argument of proximity) p. 177-178
The Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) said: “It doesn’t take long for the injustice to manifest. Whenever the injustice emerges, the same size of justice goes away. Until who is born in an injustice doesn't know anything else (than injustice). Then Allah comes with the justice and whenever something comes out of justice, the same size injustice goes away. Until who is born in justice doesn’t know anything else (than justice).

The root cause of injustice is arrogance and envy. Yes, these two can take over the authority and settle injustice as if it was a natural state. Anyone who is born into it doesn’t even understand what’s wrong with that. Isn't that a message to the age we live in? But Allah does not let it. As He never used to let before. Change will come, truth will emerge, and whoever will be born into it will be natural.
History in a spiritual approach is nothing more than waving, an alternation of righteous and unjust ages. Nothing is eternal that is human.



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