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I wish you many success Houdini

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I wish you many success Houdini

2020. június 03. - 15:37


Everything has a geometry. And geometry has rules.

Those rules are not shaped by man, but if he has intelligence, he recognizes and adapts himself to them. If he creates his own geometry that does not fit into the system of creation, he will be destroyed. We call this regularity Islam. Other cultures call it different.

I have said this or similar introduction many times. I do it because it fits into any topic. On the other hand, I do it to prevent anyone from thinking of Mohammed (peace be upon him) as a "founder of religion". He merely returned to the path that had been preached by those before him who had taught the idea presented in the introduction.
So, back to the basic idea: the outside world is under total control. Under the control of universal fitting, geometry, Islam or call it whatever name to be. Within this, man is the being who by his own power, and free will creates his own points in order to fit himself to them. Man is a being who loves to be imprisoned in one or even more jails. Instead of getting rid of them, he is looking for his prisons in order to live in them and follow the rules of the prisons. Is he/she normal?
Everything is a jail. Whether we confess it or not, jail is our marriage, work, our relationship with others, our time limits, our physical presence in one space, the administration that controls us, our narrow boundaries in our thinking, and thousands of others. Even one is too much of these, if it doesn't fit in harmony with the external geometry. And usually many doesn't fit.
If we throw ourselves into these prisons as instinctive creatures, and we expect security, we will be disappointed. The only way out of these prisons is the awareness. The walls of a prison can only be demolished consciously. Our liberation is successful only when we are conscious that the place, we reach outside is real freedom, and not another prison.
Allah freed the people of Moses from the prison of Pharaoh. It was not only a physical prison but also a spiritual one. Similar than the one that many people want to push you today.

And remember, We delivered you from the people of Pharaoh: They set you hard tasks and punishments, slaughtered your sons and let your women-folk live; therein was a tremendous trial from your Lord. Quran 2:49)

This is the period of miseries for Jews under the tyranny of Pharaoh. Here Jews are the symbols of steadfast and Pharaoh represents the oppression as it occurs later in every age and place. It is important to identify the roles and meaning of symbols in order to comprehend the message today.
Even today there is tyranny and oppression but whoever follows Guidance and tolerates affliction with steadfast, Lord will come for him!
However, there is another consequence of the oppression what is very interesting. The Pharaoh kills the males and use women as slaves. What will be the outcome?

  • For Jews the maternal Jewish origin proves their Jewish lineage.
  • For Pharaoh Jewish blood enters to the Egyptian genetic composition. Scientifically speaking this aya shows the baseless arguments of discussions about different races in the Middle East while the violent or volunteer cross breeding has washed away the wall between them. Cultural and religious affiliation depends on the person where he wants to belong to and it has nothing to do with principal of “pure blood”. The more people improve their knowledge and immerse in science the more their personal conviction will decide their affiliation while local traditions will lose their influence. And this is what Quran wants, too: Not traditions of fathers and tribes but conviction of heart!

Allah gives you freedom, but every freedom has a rule. It is necessary that we get the explanations of the universal geometry in a non-manipulated way, because if we try to integrate ourselves into the system by the laws and rules of fitting provided by most of our priests and sheikhs, we lose ourselves.
Houdini was a famous escape artist. True, he could escape of clamps, underwater sealed containers, but maybe he failed when he had never been able to separate himself from the man-made world.

Life is a discovery. Although Columbus has discovered America, but there is no part in the continent that you could not learn more at the expense of your own discovery. Life is like that. Our wise predecessor teachers were there in vain, if you do not develop their teachings and don't transform them into your own circumstances. If you remain on their level, you will not practice wisdom, but you go back to an age that is passed away.
A conscious decision will bear fruit when it comes closest to the celestial geometry, Islam, or whatever that teaches this theory.
And we’ve got to the biggest problem of our time. Making a conscious decision requires a working brain. A brain that accumulates a particular amount of information, receptive, allows little chance on external human influences, tries to be objective, is capable of filtering, classifying, and synthesizing data. Well, this brain is being destroyed by anyone who wants you to be locked up in their own prison. Even your spouse! The first step of your liberation is realizing that you are in prison. Because many do not recognize that either. The second is that you have a need for liberation at all. And third, build your awareness, because that is the key to the lock. I wish you many success Houdini!



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