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If too much blood is needed for the muscles, the brain won’t get supply

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If too much blood is needed for the muscles, the brain won’t get supply

2020. április 06. - 20:28


Wars are created because some people accumulate too much strength and power, which instead of dividing it with others, is forcing them to spread their influence.

If God was creating man with such logic, eating would not serve to quench hunger, but would generate additional hunger. The stomach would not break down and pass on the nutrition to other organs, but would accumulate and drip it for the lungs to provide more air, for the kidneys for more urine, and for the intestine for more shit back to the stomach. It does not matter that this sort of order turns the system upside down and the stomach gets a lot of poison. It is how things become unbalanced if the stomach is selfish.

Man is like the stomach. After World War II, he swore there would be no more world burns. He created the UN in 1945 in order to prevent wars and settle disputes. Then the UN was fully authorized by the member states to fulfill this task. What's going on today? These rights get out of the UN gradually and are concentrated in the hands of the great powers. Their leaders, ignoring the 1945 agreement, the pledges of that time, take decisions alone on the crises of countries and regions, without involving other member-nations, or even those who live in the crisis zones. Well, that's how a lot of the toxins get back into the stomach, and the tension growths in the world.

Many lose their faith and blame God. Why are there so many wars? Why people have to suffer so much? If there was a God, He wouldn't let this all happen, and if He exists, this God should be very cruel! But where is God in the above deduction? Isn't man stand behind all the cataclysm? Is it not the case that man is not able to handle power as shown by the patterns of creation? Poor God! He is condemned for all the troubles what man has done. God can be "blamed" for just one thing: He created man. He created a being with free will and free decision. And that leads us here.

But the Unbelievers (are steeped) in self-glory and Separatism. (Quran 38:2)

Let's try to play. Assume that there is a strategic planning table. The US President sits there, along with the leader of CIA and several security experts. When they discuss a situation, what aspects do they think over? Whether do they say: we should go to pray and ask God what His answers would be? What would God do in our place? How can more lives be saved? Or rather, what kind of expenditure generates the most specific revenue? If this is a war expenditure, what will be its result for investors, banks? How's the dollar going? To what extent the competing powers will be restrained? What new influences are emerging? How many votes will this bring in the election? These are the real questions! Nobody cares how many people are going to die, and who's right, what about justice? These nonsenses are not raised by the experts and not even by a cleaning lady. This is an aspect only in the Hungarian village-pubs, mental hospitals or possibly in the parliament.

When man overestimates his strength, God steps in and always does something to restore the balance.

Yea, to those who take for friends unbelievers rather than believers: is it honour they seek among them? Nay,- all honor is with Allah. (Quran 4:139)

This is the message of Allah to those who are seduced by earthly the power and strength.

Pharaoh, the emperors of Rome, Stalin did not live forever. They reigned in a very small part of human history. They couldn't change the seasons of the year or the earth's orbit around the sun. None of them could create life, rather they caused death.

The situation is not different today. In the shadow of death-demonstrating devices, we forget the love of life-giving power. And notice: the greater the earthly power is, the emptier is its head. This is biology: if too much blood is flowing into the muscles, the brain won't get supply!



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