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Is there a God or no God is there?

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Is there a God or no God is there?

2020. május 21. - 15:21


„In view of such harmony in the cosmos which I, with my limited human mind, am able to recognize, there are yet people who say there is no God. But what makes me really angry is, that they quote me for support of such views." /Albert Einstein/

Majority of people usually never talk about the essence. Human thinking is stuck on nonsenses and ignores important issues.
Why have we been arguing for thousands of years about the existence of God? Mo matter God is there or not, the Universe proceeds according to the same law and this is the only law what we humans do not follow. The other illogical thing to say is that an atheist is ungodly and a believer is not a blasphemous.

Let me prove it:

If we claim that man has consciousness, then anything exists what consciousness can receive. If an atheist mentions God at all, he knows what he is talking about, so his/her consciousness regarding God exists. And a believer is the other way around. As he pronounces the name of God, he puts God within the limits of his own brain, thereby denying His Omnipotence.

Well, we can see that our debate has a very narrow margin. Our dispute takes place on ridiculously petty-level. We have a God-given regulation that we "downgrade" to our actual level with human explanations, and they have a human-made “downgraded” regulation that they constantly improve. Should we never meet in the middle? Or do we pass beside each other?
Meanwhile, millions have to die because of different interpretations of regulations. We are not doing things well. In the mentioned scope we fill libraries with interpretive content, but we forget to be happy, to love. Should regulations be created for these, too?
We buy a pet because we receive from it the love that man can no longer give. But the pet didn't learn from book what it has to give. It has even no awareness of God. It is simply a Muslim without awareness of God. Yes, it is Muslim, because it really follows the orbit that binds it with loyalty to its house-lord that Allah has ordained for it. It doesn't think about rebelling or asking for more wages.
Still, we have come to the point that it often gives more than a conscious person. Does it matter whether God is there in the mind of the pet or not?

My consciousness is mine. I adjust it for myself to be the best to serve my life, my prosperity. Nobody else can adjust it for me. According to my faith Allah has given me the frame and the freedom that I fit the surrounding information in the frame and this makes me to comprehend reality and understand the world easily. The frame is stable and does not change. For me, this is the Quran. The clothing and applications can be harmonized for age and place. If this is my system and it works, then no one should convince me that it is brutal, conservative and anti-human. It's a system! Do not mix clothing with the body what puts it on. Yes, some people are old fashioned and wear old clothes. But this does not make the body or the skeleton faulty.
We pass beside an important fact. We all get a frame ready. Only one of us uses it consciously, the other changes the elements of it. But hell, let him/her change it. Isn't it the end of the matter that we both work with a functioning body with muscles and brains for a common survival? From the point of view of a factory manager, machines, humanoids, are the future. They work better, faster, more accurately than a man with finite abilities. Just ask the question. Do we need happiness and love in the future? Because if so, the other space has to be dealt with, and that includes the experience of faith. Let me be more accurate: it is not the gullibility but the experience of faith!

However, we get far from experiences. But life is nothing more than collecting experiences. If these result in values, it is worth living in this world and the afterlife. The word experience includes joy. The experience of faith is also a joy. Except if we do it out of pretense and hypocrisy.

The following story shows the condition of most of our worship. The incident took place in South Asia. A man was offering salah in his house. He was praying as fast as he could as many of us do.
All of a sudden, he heard the door behind him open. Since, someone entered the room, he started making his ruku’ (bowing down) and sujud (prostration) longer. Upon completion of the salah, he looked back to see who it was. To his amazement, it was a dog!

Today, we are ready to perfect our salah for a dog. But for the Creator, we rarely lengthen our qiyam, ruku and prostration.

If we have our God-consciousness at this level, isn't the believer-atheist debate completely unnecessary? Nevertheless, I note that Allah has imposed a ban on all prostration and worship what is not attributed to Him:

Among His Signs are the Night and the Day, and the Sun and the Moon. Adore not the sun and the moon, but adore Allah, Who created them, if it is Him ye wish to serve. (Quran 41:37)

And the prophet (peace be upon him) has put an end to the tradition that a believer prostrates for a human.
We have departed a long way from that. Even for a dog, we fall to the ground while engaging in religious disputes. 1400 years ago, when the revelations of the Quran began, we were at a higher level. Then Islam led people out of the darkness into the light, and today it is the other way around. It is not Islam but our corrupt superiors that lead us through our ignorance from light to dark while taking out the teachings of Islam from their contexts. It is their interest to make us stupid on mass level, because that's the only way they can sell us what they have. It is not reassuring to me that this is the case elsewhere, too. So, what should we do? Should we study, train ourselves, deepen in our prayers, or argue about something what we are ignorant about?
Before anyone accuses me of unbelief: I confess and witness that there is a God! I don't see much followers. But I can see millions who follow man!




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