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Are you planning your holiday right now? Let’s see the best destinations!

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Are you planning your holiday right now? Let’s see the best destinations!

2021. július 28. - 09:51


Over the last months, life is getting busy again and many have already taken advantage of an increasingly free travel experience. However, some scheduled their holiday abroad for the end of the summer or for the autumn. We would like to provide them with some tips as it is still not too late to choose foreign cities which are directly available from Budapest Airport. 

Marseille, the gateway to Provance

From 1 July, after the introduction of the EU Digital COVID Certificate we can travel abroad more freely again and we can easily set off to several destinations with the Hungarian immunity certificate in accordance with the bilateral agreements concluded with specific countries. Many people have already taken advantage of this opportunity over the last months; however, some might have just started considering to fly abroad at the end of the summer or in the autumn. Fortunately, you can travel to many locations with a direct flight from Budapest Airport during the summer and autumn months, no matter whether you are looking for a hot and sunny beach or a cosmopolitan city with a long history. Check out our tips with the most popular holiday destinations!

Beaches and history at Cyprus

Although many people know Cyprus only for its all-inclusive hotels and relaxing waterfronts, it can actually offer a lot more. It is a perfect choice if you like to unwind at a beach, but we also recommend it to those who prefer historical sightseeing. May it be Larnaca, the oldest city of the country or Paphos, known for its thousands-year-old, ancient ruins, the architecture and museums of Cyprus offer a plethora of local attractions. The main sights of Larnaca are the famous Saint Lazarus church and the ancient fortress of Kition, while in Paphos you should definitely check out the archaeological findings of the world-famous mosaics and the nearby villas, the tombs of kings along the seashore and the Byzantine churches dating back thousands of years.

Marseille, the gateway to Provance

Marseille will surely not disappoint those who prefer hiking and sightseeing. The second biggest city of France is a seaport founded around 600 BC. In Marseille, you can marvel at numerous sights besides the world’s fifth largest port, such as Château d’If featured in The Count of Monte Cristo, the Neo-Byzantine Notre Dame de la Garde basilica, but you can also chill at Parc Borély or visit movie locations based on the scenes of the Taxi film series, for example. The second biggest city of Europe provides delicious opportunities for gastro enthusiasts as well: a range of cozy bars, bookshops and cafés welcome people seeking delicacies in the Le Cours Julien district.

Luxury, glamour and desert trips in Dubai

Over the previous years, Dubai has become an increasingly popular destination among Hungarians as well, which is no wonder, because once you discover the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates, you will always want to return. Luxury, glamour and wealth – these are the first things which come to mind related to Dubai and if you are interested, you will, indeed, find motorways with 12 lanes, the tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa, luxurious hotels and huge shopping centers. However, we also recommend going on a cruise at Deira, hiking in the desert for a day, travelling to the marvelous Al Qudra Lakes or visiting the world’s biggest flower garden, Miracle Garden.

Perfect relaxation in Hurghada

Hurghada is recommended for those who prefer slowing down and resting on their holiday. The city known as the Riviera of the Red Sea awaits visitors with amazing natural wonders. Colorful coral reefs and shipwrecks keep scuba-divers busy, but if you would rather just splash away, the full service of all-inclusive local hotels is available. And at night, it is time to sample the busy bars and great restaurants of Hurghada. You do not have to worry about bad weather either: crystal clear skies and sunshine are guaranteed in the region all year long.

The pleasure of discovery in Istanbul

Last, but not least, if you would like to spend your holiday in a city truly teeming with life, look no further than Istanbul, which you can reach in less than 4 hours with Pegasus Airlines from Budapest Airport. The economic and cultural center of Turkey has so much to offer that a week is almost too short to explore everything. A wide selection of mosques, palaces, public baths, museums makes the city unforgettable for everyone and on top of that, the historic areas of Istanbul are UNESCO world heritage sites. The city is home to the Topkapı Palace, the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Ortaköy Mosque, the Galata Tower and other sights. But you should not miss the two popular bazaars and the Beyoğlu district either.

If you have not booked your holiday yet, you are not running late, since you can travel to many cities with direct flights from Budapest Airport and travelling by air is safe. The Ferenc Liszt International Airport introduced several measures recently to ensure smooth flying, we simply have to observe the recommendations.
It is time to rediscover life together and it is up to you to decide which country to start with.




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