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2020. június 26. - 17:30


Man consumes different types of nutrition. Those who feed you know why and how they feed you.


Maybe you get food on humanitarian basis. You are the only one who may know the aim of the donor because you are the one who accept donation. In case of humanitarian act there is no reward what you have to pay back. He gives and goes further. If the case is different the donor considers you an animal. Only animals are fed in exchange of their use.


It is similar as stomach. Or something is put in the pocket without words then donor goes further or the sum is calculated exactly what you need for your maintenance and costs. In the latter case you are a simple mean for realizing other’s points. If you resist with your opinion or protest, you even lose the opportunity to become a mean.


The nutrition of brain shows many ways where some of the ways are dangerous. There are those who feed you with useful knowledge and ask nothing. However, there are those who train you only for their purposes. They teach you uniquely matters what they use you for. It is an oriented training and a knowledge what they provide is oriented, too. This sort of knowledge you can use only in the field where you are employed. There is another kind of knowledge what keeps others in power. This is a blind knowledge. Blind, because it doesn’t allow brain to look to other directions. It prevents brain to accept non-equivalent information. If you reached to that stage you are close to zombie phase.
Beyond the above issues there is a strong movement what makes your brain empty. Instead of teaching, it aims to lose your level of understanding and stay fool. Its objective to make you zombie.
Media, communication, news are constructed for that purpose. Sense of humor always shows the level of comprehension on social and individual level. Therefore, the level of humor and level of communication are degraded.


This is the most complicated terrain, because heart is the most sensitive organ. If heart is full with positive emotions it effects the function of brain, pocket and stomach. If heart can see sharply and can see through the traps of life what other organs can’t perceive, heart provides security. However, even heart needs nutrition. The nutrition of heart is love, harmony and contentment. If these are available, man feel secured even if other nutrition for brain, pocket and stomach are poor. If heart is filled up with fake emotions, disappointment even other nutrition for other organs are in vain.
Heart is the object of external attacks. On individual level friendship, love, kinship all can be unselfish, heart-filling and can be interest based, selfish, energy-taking relations. On social level this is the target of national, religious, political and other affiliation-oriented cohesions which can be righteous or fake. At this point the function of heart itself can be deceptive without the realistic feedback of stomach, pocket and brain. Heart is the number one objective of manipulations and even brain, pocket and stomach are targeted through it.



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