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Chaos is created till it becomes an escape route

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Chaos is created till it becomes an escape route

2020. február 19. - 13:48


Be careful when you hear the call for unity, because they call you usually for uniformity and not for unity. The goal is not the compromise. However, there is only one thought in the mind of the caller: let everyone be as I am! The trouble is, if one sees him/herself in thousands or millions of copies, one gets an alarming picture. This is the Mao or Hitler complex. Because, I may discover some good qualities in myself, but when I magnify myself, the negative qualities will dominate spectacularly. Therefore, modesty, the creative modesty, is better.

It is true that if you create something in an upside-down world, your creativity will also get an opposite judgement. If you build a construction, many around you are looking how to sanction you. If you create a unique work, people don't care, but if you occupy a bridge causing people miserable hours, you can gather masses, can cause a riot, and become an emblematic politician. If you look at what is happening today, you can enter the public consciousness by scandal and not by development. If God had formed the order of the created world in this way, He would not have made harmony, adaptation as the basis of evolution, but the splurge, dissonance and the unwisdom. Almost there is nothing else in the news than bombings and crimes. And if that's the trend, then all crazy people want to use that kind of mean to draw the attention of the public. Because drawing attention, a sensation is basis for starting communication. Used to be a drum, or a signal was enough but today a building must collapse. I don't mean to condemn the protests or marches. Those are legitimate expressions of opinion. However, I do not understand the rise of meaningless people and criminals who appeared from nothing by their boastful character. They bring with them the emptiness, the violence that we pay attention to, and over time, only the emptiness and violence become the content. It has such an effect that in a companionship rarely can one say an opinion calmly. They don't let you to say it all over, interrupt you thousand times, loose the context with empty jokes then the loudest one of them takes over the domination by saying something stupid thing without content. Thought? There's no buyer for that. There are buyers for tabloid themes, however the tabloid is no longer a refreshing element of relaxation, but it has become the waste mainstream.

One can scold the "cursed regime of the past" with its thousands of negative aspects, but let's not forget its lost society, which could not be fooled so easily. People read everything from classic literature to tabloids, because it was a gate to the outside world. In the news beyond the relationship between the Soviet Union and the Hungarian party, we also received information from the Pacific archipelago, the South American events and on other countries around the world in a much more colorful way than today. Now let's not consider the political approaches. Sure, we were living in a kind of "dictatorship" that my generation didn't realize because we were socializing in it. Alongside the external dictatorship, there was a much stronger directing power: the literacy and the inner conviction. It suppressed the identity that overwrites everything today. That time the internal content brought different people together as an organizing principle.

The consequence of the shallowness is that the organizing principles are worn out because those are "not in demand" or using update terminology: "those cannot be sold". And a shallow mass, without any sort of organizing principle, becomes an amoeba-like mass that can be diverted by means that affect instincts and not the awareness. That is to say, for a while true, later the inertia and disorder will turn into chaos and chaos will be the only directing principle. This is the escape route of the impoverished, deprived people who don't even plan any conspiration but finally it just comes true unconsciously. It cannot be held back because the masses are no longer able to pay for water, electricity, health services, the child's school, clothes, not to mention the food. And if the nonpayment exists on mass level, then people realize that chaos is the way out, so chaos is the rule. It permeates commitments, justice and people will not give ears to hear requests, calls and warnings.

And teachings that would bring back classical directing principles will not be heard at all. A rapper singer has already more success than an orator. Recognizing this, more and more politicians are bringing celebs to their campaign teams, and there is a demand for scholars to convey their simplified messages by musical dramaturg and dance. Nothing but the content is lost. This is the age of the loud, boastful, populist speakers who call for uniformity because in their consciousness, uniformity is unity.

Perhaps the only positive element of the trend is that chaos will devour its creators in the long run. And if it was not consciously produced, it devours its causers. Man only talks about the system of checks and balances, but God makes this in practice. In the dark Middle Ages, two pestilent rats rewrote the power relations in Europe. The pollutions of seas are carried by the waves to the shore, and vegetation gets vitalized in the place of deserted cities, even if we humans upset the balance of creation. The chaos caused in the order of creation does not harm nature ultimately, but it harms the causer, the man.

Say: "O my Lord! Let my entry be by the Gate of Truth and Honour, and likewise my exit by the Gate of Truth and Honour; and grant me from Thy Presence an authority to aid (me)." (Quran 17:80)

The entry and exit here referred to may be interpreted in three senses: 1. Entry into death and exit at the resurrection. 2. Entry for the holy Prophet into the new life at Madinah, which was still in the womb of futurity, and exit from the life of persecution and the milieu of falsehood, which surrounded him in his native city of Makkah still given up to idolatry. 3. Generally, entry and exit at every stage of life.

And say: "Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish." (Quran 17:81)



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