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Flask, laboratory, chemical plant or ever beyond?

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Flask, laboratory, chemical plant or ever beyond?

2020. június 30. - 18:28


If you don't respect the Creation, why the hell are you praying to the Creator? This statement is only for those who do so.

We judge everyone for their performance. What God has put on the table is not a small achievement. If you do not respect His work, neglect it, destroy it, why do you run to a temple, a mosque, why do you want a religious burial, why do you want anyone eventually to pray for your soul? In order to deserve prayers for your soul, sit down and think. Look around and see where do you live! You are part of this great system. You are a tiny gear wheel that is covered by the law of the system as a whole. Realize the Creation and prostrate yourself. I know you only believe what you see. You don't see God, but out of habit, or in order people not to speak about you, or just because you play a double-game assuming maybe He exists, you turn to Him sometimes. These are the main motives of prayers in these days. However, it's enough! Get out of the flask and look around.

What is that flask like? Hey, sheikh! Help me! What should I do? Thousands of requests break out of the flask. My husband left me with the three kids. My relative died and I have nothing for the burial. The roof of the house was taken by the storm. My kid is in the hospital and I'm in urgent need of money for surgery. I get to the street if I don't settle the due payments. We haven't eaten for two days! I hear that. These are the sounds that come out of the flask.

The flask is a world into which one has squeezed himself and created a state in which he is suffering.
If I go to talk, give advice, people are pleased and grateful for a while, but I see that is not enough. That's not what they expect from me. When shall I take out my wallet and give them something? That's the point. Words no longer work. I have nothing to give. In the past, when I had something, I gave, but it was worse. All I got was, that they asked for help again after two weeks and then after a month. If I had nothing, I became the worst bastard.

Now turn it around. Hey Rose! Be my spouse! The response of Rose: what do you have, where do you live, what can you provide for me? It doesn't even come up in the mind of Rose what she would bring to the party. I could have said John and run the same thought from the other side. This is the flask.
Only the laws of the chemical reactions exist that take place in the particular flask. Nothing more. What about soul? Bullshit! It's been gone for a long time. Then this flask is in a larger laboratory where all kinds of chemical reactions are taken place. And the lab is part of a chemical plant that involves more labs. However, the world exists out of the flask and the chemical plant. If you die, you'll not be buried in the lab, but somewhere out. And you'll be back in the order again.

The above story was not about me, but about life inside the flask. Forgive me, but I can't help you in the flask. My advice is simply to let your body in the flask, but occasionally release your soul and try to set it outside the flask. It is a matter of practicing how far you can move. Some can't break out of the flask, some get to the lab, some can walk on the corridors of the chemical plant, but some can go beyond the walls of the plant and their soul soar in the universe. In vain, if hydrochloric acid is poured upon these souls, it no longer affects them.

My problem is that I don't care about my body. Not in the physical sense, because I somehow maintain myself, but in a different way. I care only about my soul and I can't live in a flask, in a chemical plant. I fly up and down. The advantage is the unlimited freedom, the disadvantage is the loneliness. Because there is not another such a stupid yet. Others can't shit on the physical reality, and can't break themselves out of the flask so much. Maybe I messed up something and exaggerated the proportions. I should have to return back among the reactions of the flask somehow, so I could understand what is going on there and could communicate at that level in order to establish relations. However, it is getting harder because the freedom of flying is a tremendous experience.

Experience or self-deception? I don’t know. All I know is good. But by being it good to me, I can't give an experience for you. I'm talking about what it's like, perhaps someone tries to take the same route.

But if we're here, let me tell you what's tossing me away from the flask. Principles, laws, ideologies, religions, if those are handled by people. I’m fed up with those. By the laws of the flask. For they have no other role than to keep a person in compunction. Just the simple being is a sin. You keep asking yourself, what did you do wrong? It doesn't even come up to your mind that what are you used for? What sort of gadget are you? This false compunction-generating is tossing me away. Your state, tax office, municipality, church, family, and closest relationships all keep you in this feeling.
How can one live in this?
My recipe is, go out to the Creation, admire it, discover its contexts, and teach them. Practically this is what Quran prescribes for us. Perhaps the teaching will, after generations, trigger reactions that the chemical plant will once ponder and the world will change.

Therefore, do thou give admonition, for thou art one to admonish. (Quran 88:21)

Thou art not one to manage (men's) affairs. (Quran 88:22)

The Prophet of Allah is sent to teach and direct people on the way. He is not sent to force their will, or to punish them, except in so far as he may receive authority to do so. Punishment belongs to Allah alone.



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