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If you are not allowed to think about monkeys, the monkeys will attack you

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If you are not allowed to think about monkeys, the monkeys will attack you

2020. március 25. - 17:00


Finding balance and meaning brings rational solutions to our lives. If we exaggerate prayer, meditation, give it no depth, meaning, and don't place it within ourselves according to the weight of our individuality, we become stupid as many did.

Prayer, meditation is a consequence, a result, and not a problem-solving device. If I want a flower garden in my yard and my contribution to it only by being in a trance, while I repeat the mantra text: "flower, flower, flower," my dream never comes true. To do this I have to plant the seed in the right soil, water it, nurture the seedlings, then my efforts will be crowned with success. When this happens, it is time for prayer, meditation, to express the thank for the grace that made this miracle happen. But I, the material being and the material contributions done by myself were involved in the process. And all this will eventually become a spiritual experience.

Let me tell you a story. There was a man in southern India who meditated a lot because he wanted to gain supernatural power. He wanted skills what are mentioned in the Scriptures. Walking on the water, healing the sick, magic, etc. In vain he meditated; he did not advance. He had heard that there is a Buddhist monastery in Tibet where he can get an access to the required teachings. Remember that our man comes from southern India, where a completely different culture, custom, climate exists. After investing a tremendous effort, he climbed through the Himalayas and found the monastery. Our man entered the gate, but nobody did pay any attention to him. Nobody asked: who are you? It would be the first in southern India to ask who are you? Whether one wants it or not, Indians would put food in front of a guest. That's not what happened here. No one here asks the other one who he is, because they want to solve the big question all their lives: who they themselves really are? Such a question would be a great insult! Nor was him offered food, for those who do not eat by themselves are presumed fasting and offering food if one fasts is indecent. Different habits, different worlds, but we humans do not know each other and judge others only from the fortifications of our own customs and religions. That's a big mistake! So, our man walked up and down in the monastery for three weeks, eventually being addressed by an old monk. I know why have you come, he said. You want supernatural power. But why do you want it? Completely superfluous! If you want to walk on the water, you will realize in three days that a boat is more comfortable and the same would happen with all your other supernatural abilities! But our man persisted. He needs that supernatural power, that's why he took so much risk. All right, said the old man. Tomorrow at dawn, go down to the spring, dip in it and come to me. Remember, this is the frosty Tibet and not tropical southern India! Yet our man was dipping and stood with blue and purple body in front of the old monk, while shivering. The old man told him three mantra texts. Remember these, he said. But there would be a very important thing! While you are doing this mantra, you must not think of monkeys! Our man was filled with happiness and delight in getting that secret so easily from these foolish Buddhists! The next day he left the monastery and as soon as he saw a creek on his way, he dipped in. He started the first mantra, but a monkey appeared before his sight. Then he dipped again and the more he tried to concentrate on the mantras while ousting the monkeys out of his mind, the more monkeys appeared in his imagination. This continued until he didn't reach the mantras, only fought with monkeys. He went back to the monastery and asked: I don't want supernatural power anymore, just get me rid of the monkeys!

Behold, it leads us here if our inner proportions are not balanced and our consciousness cannot be controlled. Because, there is something under our consciousness that every culture calls otherwise, be it Satan, ego or whatever, what works against us. It always pulls us to the opposite direction to what we have set ourselves. The monkeys will come up, then we will fight the monkeys all our lives and the meaning of life itself will be lost! If we do not understand the functioning of our own consciousness and we cannot keep it under control, we may be led astray. If we really want to remember something, we forget it and if we want to erase something from our memory, it always come back. When were we happier: when we were playing at age five, or now, with adult heads? The many knowledge and experiences we gained made us happy or desperate? It all depends on what kind of knowledge and experience you are collecting and how can you keep them under control. Where does your mind have a rest? Is it under your own control or do you rely on Someone else in order to charge it?

No kind of calamity can occur, except by the leave of Allah. and if any one believes in Allah, ((Allah)) guides his heart (aright): for Allah knows all things. (Quran 64:11)

What we consider calamities may be blessings in disguise. Pain in the body is often a signal of something wrong, which we can cure by remedial measures. So, in the moral and spiritual world, we should in all circumstances hold firmly to the faith that nothing happens without Allah's knowledge and leave.

If you think about it, besides being the coronavirus a serious thing, but is also a sort of a monkey. Have you noticed that how many people send the herds of monkeys to attack you? Your brain is full of them.



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