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Intuition and inspiration

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Intuition and inspiration

2021. március 04. - 18:53


Every cell in the body keeps memories. Memories from the past, going all the way back to our amoeba roots and memories from the present. From the present that we have lived and stored for ourselves as an experience.

This mass of information is significantly more than one is aware of them in oneself. We don’t even comprehend a millionth of what’s stored within us. Some organize this information and discover certain regularities between them, creating some sort of “order” between them. They say that this order is the logic. Though this is nothing else but their human knowledge arranged in their narrow spaces. Thus, logic in that sense is nothing more than a prison of human thought, which, instead of setting you free, imposes constraints on you. If you don't think that way, you are considered stupid! Yet neither past, nor present, nor future can be judged according to the rules applied in this narrow space. After all, only those perceived information form theories which are conscious, and these, too, are only be evaluated by human judgment. Some even calculate future based on that! It never works! Allah (SWT) works with much more information and places them in a completely different, much freer, more opened system. This is the infinite! And man can only perceive and evaluate in a finite, closed system.
An administration can commit a sin in two cases regarding the above context: 1. if it does not let enough information to the citizens. For example, it closes the physical boundaries of the country or limits thinking possibilities. 2. if it serves information in its own “logical system” and close all other possibilities for judging them. Therefore, these “explanations” are very disgusting things.

What about our unprocessed, unconscious information that is stored in the memory of our cells?
Believe me, that they also exist and sometimes break out without following the “rules of logic”. This is the intuition. A tiny sign not to follow blindly the logic. Moreover, intuition cannot be regularized in the human dimension. It just comes and goes. It is more pronounced in animals, as consciousness does not suppress stored information in them. In man, this is the so-called seventh sense. "Something makes me a sense that…"
Yes, you can also have a sense that the memory of past comes up that you haven't yet experienced, but your cells stored and made them available to you. It’s not a reincarnation, but migration of mass of information stored in your genes, in their memory, that can erupt with the unexpectedness of a volcano and make you feel something that you can’t put into words. It still works. Then you go to the doctor, the psychologist, also to the priest, and they check in their books what is written in that case for them to do? They choose the simplest solution: they declare you stupid then prescribe the drug after which they receive the commission. Practically they are the ones who don’t understand what works in you and pull you down into the space where they work. It is a narrow space: a space of recognized diseases in which you need treatment.
Don't be an asshole, you should realize that human law system works similarly, too. It is only applied for cases that can be forced within the framework of legislation created by people. So, don’t rush to the court with all shit case because you will be squeezed into some articles of regulations that won’t be good for you.
The science that man is doing today produces commendable results if he/she does not lock the information into his/her own logical system. As soon as they push them into some contexts that they think are absolute, their judgement will not be true on you, the individual. It might have happened to you that as a guest, your host wanted to force on you something that you didn’t love. Though it’s full of vitamins, it kills cancer cells, it’s healthy, he said. But you reject it because you know this food works differently in you. This is what the heritage stored within you gives and that overrides human science.

The inspiration is different. It is not the legacy of the past, but a gift in the present. You also have the opportunity to get inspiration because as a human you have the right to get it. The inspiration is given by The One Who is the Lord of the Invisible World (A’lem al-Gheib الغيب عالم.(

It is not fitting for a man that Allah should speak to him except by inspiration, or from behind a veil, or by the sending of a messenger to reveal, with Allah's permission, what Allah wills: for He is Most High, Most Wise. (Quran 42:51)

How can man be fit to speak to Allah? He is not fit. But there are three ways in which Allah, in His infinite Mercy, communicates with man. Three ways are mentioned: - Wahyun, Inspiration; - from behind a veil; and - by the sending of a Messenger.
See the notes following, Wahyun. Inspiration, is interpreted to be of two kinds: 1. a suggestion thrown by Allah into the heart or mind of man, by which man understands the substance of the Message, whether it is a command or prohibition, or an explanation of a great truth; and 2. verbal or literal inspiration, by which the actual words of Allah are conveyed in human language.
Behind a veil: not of course a material veil, but the veil of Light.
Messenger: Rasul: the angel Gabriel, through whom the revelations were given to the Holy Prophet.
These spiritual visions, conveying the message of Revelation, are the basis of the Quran.

The one who believes (i.e., not with a religious determination but with limitless faith) may have the moment in his life when Allah (SWT) can inspire him/her. It is an experience that is impossible to put into words. The word has boundaries, so it can only express concepts within the boundaries. Music is more than that. It can express the feelings where the word is unable. That is why I oppose the view that music is Haram in Islam. The question is, what kind of music? The music that breaks down the boundaries of the word and raises our souls further into the Invisible World and gives a feeling that does not exist among the rules of “logic”, is indeed Halal, and even a means to the inner peace.
Let's see what the Quran writes about the Prophet (peace be upon him)? Did he need a PhD title to bring us the space of knowledge in which all people will find their inner peace? No! In fact! The opposite is true. He couldn't even read or write. So, his mind was not disturbed by any knowledge that man had programmed into him. That is the inspiration:

And thou wast not (able) to recite a Book before this (Book came), nor art thou (able) to transcribe it with thy right hand: In that case, indeed, would the talkers of vanities have doubted. (Quran 29:48)

The holy Prophet was not a learned man. Before the Quran was revealed to him, he never claimed to proclaim a Message from Allah. He was not in the habit of preaching eloquent truths as from a Book, before he received his Revelation, nor was he able to write or transcribe with his own hand. If he had had these worldly gifts, there would have been some plausibility in the charge of the talkers of vanities that he spoke not from inspiration but from other people's books, or that he composed the beautiful verses of the Quran himself and committed them to memory in order to recite them to people. The circumstances in which the Quran came bear their own testimony to its truth as from Allah.

Whether intuition or inspiration, these will only come to your advantage if you discover in them the will of Allah (SWT).




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