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What should we see at the time of trial?

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What should we see at the time of trial?

2020. március 22. - 17:43


What does a Muslim do at the time of a misfortune?

In any case he does not panic or rush to buy and accumulate foodstuff and does not take advantage of the situation to his own interest.

Accepting destiny is part of our faith. I am talking about the fate that I cannot control, what is the development of the external circumstances. In these circumstances I can decide due to my free will the direction of my own personal destiny. That is to say, what kind of person I am? Fate is a time of trial, a test. In addition to suffering and pain, let us also note that this is the time when Allah makes us see positive things too, in order to reprogram our future. We see who are the people, groups of people who are dedicated to providing, nursing us, educating our children, doing self-sacrificing work, creating online programs just for the benefit of the people. So far, you have passed by beside them without a word, but now the attention is driven towards them. You are not finally paying attention to what their religion, skin color, political affiliation is, but what they do. As Allah (SWT) judges according to that aspects, too.

We also see who are those who used to be opinion leaders, but now think of themselves, disappear, accumulate goods and act according to their best interests.

We see how much any human power, state, government is worth, at what level are they able to intervene in Allah's order, and according to what dramaturg do they play their role? According to Allah's scenario, or according to their own script writers in order to maintain the power? We see that if we are forced to stay home, do they realize that we will have no income, we will have to lay off our employees and they will not have a livelihood? What measures will be taken in this case? Now it turns out who they are, and after so much self-glorification communication: who is for who?

We see how much money we have spent so far on unnecessary expenses, office rent, transport, etc., as we have to rationalize our expenditures. I know this is not everywhere possible, but where possible, a new strategy can be outlined. We see that the world is entering a new dimension with online relationships, work, and the physical boundaries are going to disappear. If we treat this tendency positively (because it may be treated negatively, too), the odds can be leveled. No matter one lives in a slum or in a disadvantaged and disintegrated village, he/she can join the work of a New Zealand, Australian or other remote company.

We see that in this direction we need to develop infrastructure, network and equipment supply. Remember, prayer is also an online connection! Didn’t you know that?

We see the formation of communities of people living in the same locations, strengthening family links, causing deeper relation between couples, generations, or breaking them up and turning out that the relationship has been based on a false foundation.

And last but not least, we see who we are and how much we are worth? Are we afraid, trembling, panicking and spreading the news of doom, apocalypse or can we overmount by giving example and being disciplined? Where is our internal peace?

Suhayb reported:

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “Wondrous is the affair of a believer, as there is good for him in every matter; this is not the case for anyone but a believer. If he experiences pleasure, he thanks Allah and it is good for him. If he experiences harm, he shows patience and it is good for him.”
Sahih, authentic
Sahih Muslim 2999

Narrated Abu Huraira:
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment."
Sahih al-Bukhari 5678

And the cure may not be the medicine but a radical change in our own way of life. I know what's happening is a huge damage, a loss. Everyone feels at his/her level. But in addition, open your eyes to what is warning and guidance.



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