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Loving and unloving place

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Loving and unloving place

2021. április 05. - 18:02


Loving place or unloving place. There are many ways to get to the loving place.

You can get there with Buddhism, Islam, but even without God. There is no need to argue about the road, because even to the richest countries do not lead smooth roads. We have to think about the place itself, whether what we are taking there? If we just have hatred in us, we'd better go to the unloving place and finally, we can hate others as we like.
The loving place is receptive. Goes there black, white, yellow, poor and rich. It makes them feel good if they are loved. The problem starts if someone tries to prove his/her supremacy in that place. Then the spell ceases.
In the unloving places conflict perpetuates. Those who are there are not at peace with each other, but there is no peace within themselves either. Stress, depression affects all intentions and actions.
Then they go through a selection on the basis of strength and influence. Strength and influence are especially attractive, that's why the crowd come here in the hope of getting some crumbs in return for their support of the strongest. As a result, the process of selection is intensifying and the picture becomes clearer, i.e., who belongs to Klu Klux Klan, who is Nazi, who is Boko Haram, etc.

What about those who are the losers of the battle, who have fallen out of unloving places? They act in secret and plot for taking revenge. It doesn’t get in their minds to join the loving places. In that way, we can also perceive the dictatorship of hatred is having a creative power, as it creates secretly functioning, hateful, power-hungry societies where the desire for revenge is boiling. Was it not the rigidity and hatred of the church that gave rise to the Masonic movement? We can call it the Illuminati, or whatever. The point is that they operate in secret and it is their secrecy that gives them special effectiveness. I stop here because it is not my intention to write about Masonic organizations, since if they are secret, how can I write the reality about them? However, their existence proves that in the hate-based world where we live, secrets, covert operations ensure the effectiveness of an organization or individual. Therefore, in a world of “whites” where smile and Pharisee love are a commodity, more than half of the events - the essential ones -, remain hidden. We never communicate the way our things happen. Our communication serves the purpose of covering up reality and the outside world should know about something else than we manage our lives. So, lying, deception, has become a part of our lives, it doesn’t even show up, it slowly wears out of the category of sin.

Muslims are also human beings who live in this world. They are also divided between loving and unloving places. Some are sneaking, lying, fitting into the unloving world where that is the norm and some are attracted to loving places. So, they are Muslims, just like anyone else.
Islam, whether it is loving or unloving places, imposes the same norms on Muslims.

First, we feature Islam from a universal rather than sectarian angle. Islam categorically rejects antagonistic or segregated worldviews that Muslims and non-Muslims should live in separate worlds, where the best of Muslims should be separated, and the decadent layer of Muslims and non-Muslims should extinguish each other’s power in bitter and meaningless clashes.

Second, Islam is based in reasoning instead of dogmatism.

Third, in Islam diversity and personal choices are normal. Hence, we Muslims have to seek dialogues instead of monologues. We can never pretend to have a monopoly or unquestionable knowledge on any issue. Rather, we should strive to understand more, ask relevant questions, and be prepared to correct ourselves in any case we study. If we are seen to have asked too many questions and sought various answers, that is because we have to be humble and inquisitive. Normally, this is the attitude that normally all research institutes should follow as well.

If it had been thy Lord's will, they would all have believed,- all who are on earth! wilt thou then compel mankind, against their will, to believe! (Quran 10:99)

Refers to the free will what Allah gave to all mankind

No soul can believe, except by the will of Allah, and He will place doubt (or obscurity) on those who will not understand. (Quran 10:100)

How do we know if the place we dropped into is a loving or unloving place? Answer: we do not know.
You just play according to your own rules and leave Allah (SWT) to work, too. He pulls down the veil and reveals the truth.




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