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What have you added or took away from what God has given you?

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What have you added or took away from what God has given you?

2020. november 13. - 17:16


Have you ever wondered who you really are? And not who, but in fact, what are you? What are you consisting of? What part of you is you and nothing else?

I explain. As it has been discussed earlier, your body, your brain is nothing more than storage spaces. If you look at the cells of your body, it is nothing more than the nutrition you've assimilated or the information you've inherited. This information are the genetic codes that makes the body composition what you are now from schnitzel, bread and butter. But all this is not you, but practically a code that has been here for millions of years and now transforms the bread and butter into a body, a working machine, according to a given system. This is your brain, too. Your brain isn’t you either! It is a mass of information that has come to you and your brain stores part of it. From this you compile "unquestionable" truths. That is true, there are still skills that are developed by you, but keep in mind that skills come from abilities which have been "given". So, those are based on qualities which have been given for you!
In order to find out who you are, we need to break down what you store. If we take from you your body what has been made up from bread and butter and the codes that make it up, your body will disappear. If we peel off your thoughts, which have been become memories and imaginations from the information you have entered, you will cease to exist in the brain as well. Remains, what you really are. Nothing. This nothing has a huge ego that wants to control everything. It has rights and demands to be given what is entitled to! It is this ego that shouts your hurts and sufferings to the world. It requires the world to deal only with you, your troubles, while you don't even notice the world, the millions of wonders hidden in it, and most importantly: you don't even realize your own potentials!
When we get to the zero level that you are, we realize that what you really consist of two parts. On the one hand, there are the 99 names of Allah, which are nothing more than qualities attributed to your soul, like merciful, compassionate, forgiving, etc. According to your individuality, from these qualities you select what make up your soul, so these are also "given abilities". In fact, what you really are: your intentions, your emotions. This is you! Intention and temper. These two are not determined by Allah, but exclusively by you! It is your intention what decides how you will survive the poverty. Are you going to steal or work? Allah is judging according to the intention. Allah would be very unfair to order you to steal and finally He punishes you for that. You order this! The other is the temper. Do you have love or hatred in your heart? What is your building block? Is it love, hate, envy, superiority? These are the motivations that you use in order to construct sets of thoughts from the incoming information. If your relative, your friend becomes homeless and you see him on the street, you are the one who can provide him provision or you are the one who can turn your head away! If you see a fallen person or hear another opinion, meet one of a different color, perception, you are the one who can hate or love him/her!

The same applies for your body and skills. Are you poisoning it, letting to get destroyed what you have got in healthy state, or are you trying to keep it in good condition? Do you discover the abilities coded within you, or do you let them go missing, die, and you stay in an instinctive lifestyle?

Modern life balks you from the freedom to set up yourself as an individual. This is logical, because not human beings but zombies who are needed, who get ready how they should look. Earlier people had to go to the well for water. Today it is enough to open the tap that gives you water from the center. People had to cut tree in the forest for fuel and energy, today it is enough to open a tap and the gas comes from the center. People didn't produce so much garbage, they utilized everything. Today the garbage covers us. Once upon a time people made decisions of their own accord, today there is no decisions of our own, because we get our will from the center if we open a tap. It's more comfortable being a zombie and following a trend than being ourselves. You will realize that you have to find yourself and wear the clothes that fits you and do the job what harmonizes with your skills. You can serve the best your family, your society, and last but not least yourself according to your own spirit. It's time to peel off what you are not and reassemble yourself according to what you are!

If you want to know who you are, always think that you are not a body but a soul. This soul has a meeting with Allah. Think about the question that Allah puts on for this soul! He asks only one thing: what have you added or took away from what I have given you? If you can answer this question, you have found the answer who you really are!

Nay, man will be evidence against himself, (Quran 75:14)

"On the Day when their tongues, their hands, and their feet will bear witness against them as to their actions." It is not what a man says about himself, or what others say of him, that determines judgment about him. It is what he is in himself. His own personality betrays him or commends him.




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