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Value or interest? You can liberate yourself in these two directions

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Value or interest? You can liberate yourself in these two directions

2021. április 08. - 19:03


Have you ever been in jail? Or in an underground pit for days? Or in an area of operations that has been closed due to war and you were in the thick of events? If you haven’t been in places like that, I’ll explain in vain. If life pampered you and could go anywhere you wanted, said what your mind dictated and you were not restrained by the boundaries of physical states or expectations, then you don’t understand what I am going to say.

If, on the other hand, you’ve been in a situation like that, there’s no need to explain why a person is capable of such insanity as to dig a 50-meter tunnel with a spoon in order to escape. A body or mind that is kept in a closed space wants to get rid of the bounds.That’s why we devoured life when, after a week we were pulled up from the mine-pit for two days.
We knew that these two days were given to live the freedom we wanted to enjoy at all costs. Even between two battles of the war, one does not restrain oneself.
The isolation and confinement prescribed at the time of epidemic cannot be increased beyond a border either, because life wants to live even if it risks the death of the body! We instinctively want to get rid of the limitations! The “everything is fucked” state will come and we will break out!
There are mind-altering chemicals, alcohol, drugs and more. In addition to being addictive, so you can get used to them and will get under the influence of their insurmountable need, they can cause a sort of liberation from some life situation. Even if for a short time, they break down the walls of confinement. If it wasn’t so, people wouldn’t get addicted to them. So, when we condemn their use, we always put only one side on the scales, i.e., the consumer’s side. The cause of the circumstance from which the person actually escapes is little investigated. As in Africa, few have realized that the root cause of the spread of HIV/AIDS is not that blacks fuck like the rabbits, but the living conditions that give only two days to life and there is no guarantee that there will be another two more days!
Will we come up to the surface again, will we die in a battle, will we starve next month, will Ebola take us, will the dictator make some inhuman decision? If this side of the balance was calculable and settled nicely, blacks would also think differently how to live their next day and how to plan a predictable future.

We got to the point when the thought is forced inside boundaries. This is perhaps more terrible than the physical one, because you can only get rid of that by educating your own mind, your consciousness, of which there is less and less. Not because you’re stupid, but because your authorities gradually make you stupid. When simple but catchy thoughts are pushed inside your ears by using the methods of Goebbels, you need to be careful. Everyone can give an example about that from the current politics. It's not hard, because that's what goes on day and night. They just don’t let you the room and time to deal with something else, and at the end of the day you go crazy and will repeat what is coded into you. If you suck that all, you increase the crowd of zombies to whom the laws are applied. Because the law only applies to zombies, never to privileged ones, did you not notice that? It is also the case with taxes, obligations, and anything else. If you recognize the situation you live in and want to get rid of it, you will face a fusillade. The natural desire for liberation hidden in you is suppressed with fear. Have you noticed the desire for liberation how is whispering inside you? Who breathed that feeling in you? Allah (SWT)! His code lives in there and whispers that something is wrong that you have to get rid of!

There is another kind of ultimatum regarding thinking that claims freedom of opinion, but if you deviate from their views, you are an enemy. So, they encourage the freedom in people’s communication, but only the freedom that goes according to their codes. Therefore, e.g., the US MUST BE CONSIDERED as the pinnacle of democracies and the defender of the interests of humanity. (I'm not talking about American citizens now). Why do I have to accept a state as a model that has initiated and waged dozens of wars in the last hundred years, and is so fucking strong that it has won none of them. They, on the other hand, had the strength to destroy. Why should be considered as a pattern those who cover their tactical steps with silly lies as irrefutable evidences, and even the standard of their currency, the dollar, is based on lies as well. Why should I consider them strong when they are unable to overcome their internal crisis and let even their indisputable achievements to get collapsed?
The USA was only an example, but I could list further similar ones in relation to any other great powers today, who base their influence and judgment on the economic dominance and military power. Whether what this arrogance is worth for, history gives the answer. From this point of view, it does not matter who is the president, prime minister in the USA, China, Russia, the EU, but even in our small country. Namely, the president, the prime minister are the actors in the visible range who perform a play. Sure, a lot depends on the quality of their performance. We can see that game in the course of Trump vs. Biden confrontation, but the essence of things is given by situations where not they are the composers. They just want to solve situations, sometimes by obeying to the composers, sometimes by confronting them. It is easy to foresee who will be successful. In practice, the financial deep-power, secret services, and indeed, often the underworld in the invisible range shape situations that can only be explained to zombies in the visible range if the "establishment" dampens further their analytical skills by making them to believe extraordinary bullshits.
Well, this is where the establishment-in-power enters the picture. They obscure the essential events of the invisible realm and open a gap in the door then make us to believe that the external light all can come through it. And we believe what we can see is true.
There is a problem with the set of values of the establishment-in-power. They are spoiled. Not a little spoiled, but a lot. I was talking about the establishment-in-power and not the value-creating cultures that the citizens of those countries have ever created.
Is culture being created even today? Yes, I'm sure, but it's not created by the establishments. The establishment participates in the culture if they expect any benefit from it in the short term. Especially, if this culture serves as a model that they can force on others as a template. The approach of the establishment is interest-oriented, even if they break down particular values.

Eventually, we've arrived to the religious compulsions, including those within the Islam, which should not be there at all. Before you hiss, let me point out quickly: I am not referring to the religious obligations that we refer to as Fard, Farida (فريضة و فرض .(I'm talking about thinking. About the thinking that anchors the brain to a scheme of human origin. I’m talking about the patterns of thinkers who once lived in a given time and place, who made great achievements, but all their results, conclusions were true just there and then. Not today. I am also talking about the patterns that are being developed currently in politically determined workshops, then for the dissemination of these thoughts they organize conferences and run media sponsored by state funds. These are also traps that allow your wings to grow to the length that fit into these templates. If it grows beyond, it will be cut back. Is that the trend elsewhere in other religious organizations?

You have to take a decision regarding on your own liberation and also to which space you will liberate-in yourself? Do you follow a path that is mindful of worldly interests and ignores values, or you pursue worldly and afterlife interests that are based on real values? The first is the space of eternal unrest, dissatisfaction, the sense of “I always want more”, the second is the space of inner peace in which your soul finds contentment. The real patterns are coded inside you. If you practice their evocation, the darkness will fall from your eyes and Allah (SWT) will release you from your prison and allow you to recognize the deception in which you live.




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